April 5, 2019

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NAHU Legislative Council Member Gary Cox Joins Healthcare Happy Hour
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NAHU Coalition Seeks Input on 226J Letters
Submission Deadline for Applicants Seeking Prior Year Coverage through Special Enrollment Periods
State Spotlight: Seeking a North Star in Healthcare Funding Presents a Taxing Situation
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What We're Reading
The peak bloom of D.C.’s fabled cherry blossoms along the tidal basin has coincided with a peak bloom in healthcare policy news. With both Democrats and Republicans seeking to take a lead on the issue, it’s clear that healthcare is not likely to be fading from the news cycle anytime soon.
  • Americans borrowed $88 billion to pay for healthcare last year.
  • The governor of Kansas called on the Senate to vote on Medicaid expansion. The president of the Senate has expressed that she does not believe that Medicaid expansion is right for the state, saying Medicaid needs reform, not expansion.
  • Here is U.S. News & World Report's ranking of the states with the best healthcare.
  • In Rwanda, drones are used to deliver medical products to areas that do not have sufficient infrastructure.
  • Central Health in Travis County, Texas has bought a 40-foot bus that will serve as a clinic in the area. It is made up of exam rooms, a lab and a waiting area.
  • Our measles update for this week takes us to Australia, where two babies, ages eight and 11 months, were infected by the Australian measles outbreak. Babies are vulnerable to the measles between the ages of six months, when they lose their maternal immunity, and one year, when the vaccination schedule begins.
  • Many homeless patients require follow-up care after they are discharged from the hospital, but there often aren't enough beds in the right place to accommodate these needs. At least one nonprofit in Los Angeles has opened a facility that provides homeless patients a place to stay while they are recuperating that provides more support than a shelter, but less support than a full-fledged nursing home. Patients at the facility have access to a case worker that helps arrange food and transportation, and helps the patients try to find a place to live.
  • The era you grow up in affects how you identify politically. This article from The New York Times shows how the Trump era is influencing a new generation.
  • Many of the 2020 Democratic candidates have Spanish translations on their websites. However, there are a substantial amount of errors in the translation, indicating a need for a professional translator that knows the “political language that would be used in a Spanish-Language Campaign.”
  • Our healthcare costs are higher due to sedentary behavior, according to a study recently published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.
  • Because of the trade war, farmers were storing a significant amount of unsold grain in silos and bins. However, the catastrophic floods of the past few weeks have caused those storage containers to go underwater, ruining millions of pounds of grain. According to the agriculture secretary, who visited the area, admitted there is "no mechanism to compensate farmers for damaged crops in storage." 
  • In honor of Equal Pay Day, this article takes a look at the gender wage gap.
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