May 17, 2019


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Cadillac Tax Repeal Reaches Critical Milestone
Senate Bipartisan Working Group Proposes Baseball Style Arbitration to Settle Surprise Medical Billing Disputes
New Guidance Issued in Response to Association Health Plan Court Ruling
House Votes to Rescind Short-Term Plan Rule, Bolster ACA Support, Lower Drug Prices
Trump Administration Issues Final Rule on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D
State Spotlight: Connecticut Joins Washington and Colorado in Considering Public Option Initiatives
Healthcare Happy Hour: Adding More Bills to the Hopper
Last Chance to Save on Annual Convention Registration
Register Now for the “Live from NAHU” Webinar on June 20
Did You Miss Yesterday’s Webinar on Form 5500 Reporting?
HUPAC Roundup: Defending Seats in Enemy Territory
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Healthcare Happy Hour: Adding More Bills to the Hopper

The long-anticipated surprise medical billing legislation was introduced this week by members of the Senate Bipartisan Working Group, proposing a federal baseball-style arbitration model for insurers and providers to settle disputes, while taking the patient entirely out of the negotiation. On this week’s episode, NAHU’s John Greene and Chris Hartmann review the latest iteration of this legislation and how NAHU has been involved in helping to craft the language over the past several months. They also review the re-introduction of NAHU-supported legislation to restore the 40-hour workweek, the senate companion legislation to treat COBRA as creditable coverage for Medicare, and the House’s vote to rescind another piece of Trump Administration guidance.

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