September 30, 2022

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The Medicare Marketing Rule Takes Effect Tomorrow Ė Review NAHUís Resources Now
Medicare Part B, Part D and Medicare Advantage Premiums Decline in 2023
NAHU Submits Comments to NAIC on Proposed Changes to Unfair Trade Practices Model Act
Mergers and Acquisitions: MercyOne and Genesis Make Moves in the Midwest
State Spotlight: Nevada Releases Preliminary Public Option Study, Details Next Steps
Healthcare Happy Hour: NAHU Submits Comments to the NAIC on Unfair Trade Practice Model Amendments
HUPAC Roundup: The Power of the Hispanic Vote in 2022
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The Medicare Marketing Rule Takes Effect Tomorrow Ė Review NAHUís Resources Now

Are you a Medicare agent or broker who has questions and concerns about the new Medicare marketing regulations that will take effect tomorrow, October 1? NAHU has created a Medicare Marketing Rule Resources page on our website that contains all information and guidance we have to date.

The final Medicare marketing rule made significant changes to existing marketing requirements for both Medicare Advantage and Part D plan-marketing requirements that we believe will be ineffective and place consumers in the hands of those entities CMS is trying to protect them from. As we have mentioned on numerous occasions since the final rule was issued, the regulation seeks to account for unscrupulous marketing behaviors by requiring third-party marketing organizations (TPMOs) to record all enrollment conversations. The final rule’s new definition of TPMO, however, is overly broad and will needlessly impact many entities that are acting responsibly, including Medicare agents and brokers who will now be subject to the recording requirements.

In this library of resources, NAHU members who work in the Medicare space can find:

  • A webinar providing a detailed overview of the requirements with answers to FAQs
  • CMS clarification on recording requirements
  • Healthcare Happy Hour podcast episodes with detailed discussions about the rule and CMS guidance
  • NAHU’s comment letters to CMS in response to the marketing rule
  • Relevant Washington Update articles that provide greater detail
  • The final rule itself

As the only trade organization representing professional agents and brokers who work with Medicare beneficiaries and Medicare products, NAHU is acutely aware of the far-reaching impacts this regulation will have on Medicare agents, their clients and the AEP. We will continue to update our Medicare Marketing Rule Resources page with any and all pertinent information that will assist you in complying with the rule.

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