NAHU Washington Update - 03/15/2019  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  Fast Facts
•  NAHU Calls on Congress to Repeal the Cadillac Tax
•  Bipartisan Legislation Introduced to Fix Medicare’s Observation Status Requirement
•  President Trump Proposes Trillion Dollar Healthcare Cuts in Annual Budget Request
•  NAHU Urges Delay of the Health Insurance Tax
•  House Democrats Launch Investigation into Short-Term Plan Discrimination
•  State Spotlight: New Mexico Medicaid Buy-in Proposal Fails to Heat Up
•  NAHU’s Healthcare Happy Hour: Catching up on Our Legislative Priorities
•  Register for Next Week’s Webinar on Section 125 Best Practices
•  HUPAC Roundup
•  What We're Reading


What We're Reading

We’re really enjoying the spring weather and extra daylight in the evenings...

We’re really enjoying the spring weather and extra daylight in the evenings. And while we might still be a week away until it’s officially spring, you can celebrate early by reading this week’s collection al fresco.

  • Sun Life Financial Inc. became the country's first major insurance company to offer coverage of medical cannabis in group benefits plans. It made this decision based on interest by consumers, as well as scientific evidence that supports the use of medical cannabis as a medical therapy.
  • A large study re-confirms that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine does not cause autism. The U.S. is currently in the midst of a large measles outbreak, attributed to un-vaccinated individuals. There have been at least 206 reported cases of measles so far this year. There has also been an outbreak of mumps in Philadelphia.
  • Though Hospitals are now required to put list prices up based on a January 1 rule,  there are currently no compliance systems in place, so consumers have been encouraged to check their local hospitals to see if they have posted the prices, and report the hospital to CMS if they have not.
  • Historically, medical research has been conducted on men and male animals, which has led to a gender bias in healthcare that is harming women.
  • Health Care Service Corp. received a $1.7 billion tax refund, raising the organization's net profit to $4.1 billion.
  • The Protect Medical Innovation Act aims to fully repeal the Medical Device Tax, a tax that was intended to help cover costs of the ACA in order to ensure that medical device companies will continue to innovate.
  • In the first of six articles about healthcare in the age of personalization, author Glenn Llopis gives a basic overview of personalization in business in general, and then briefly goes over preliminary reasons why personalization is relevant to the healthcare industry.
  • Here is everything we know about the joint venture to revamp healthcare, led by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and J.P. Morgan.
  • Medieval diseases are having resurgence in California, where living conditions for the homeless are poor.
  • According to Reader's Digest, these 33 foods have great health benefits.
  • This graph from Axios maps companies based on their reputation, and how popular they are by partisan leaning.