NAHU Washington Update - 04/12/2019  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  Fast Facts
•  Senior Issues, State Innovations and Healthcare Cost Containment Dominate NAICís Spring Agenda
•  NAHU Submits Comments on the Trump Administrationís Drug Rebating Rule
•  Medicare-for-All Legislation Introduced in the Senate
•  Republicans Introduce AHP Legislation to Provide Legal Path for Invalidated Plans
•  State Spotlight: Oklahoma Mirrors Trump Administration with PBM Regulation
•  Healthcare Happy Hour: Special Guest Discussion on Balance Billing
•  Register for Next Weekís Webinar on Frequently Asked Compliance Questions
•  Applications Are Now Open for NAHUís Legislative Council
•  CMS Announces Agent and Broker Summit
•  Register Now for the State of the Long-Term Care Insurance Industry Webinar
•  HUPAC Roundup: Defining the Center
•  What We're Reading


What We're Reading

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly gave us a glimpse of what happens to the human body after a year in space, and we can almost relate with all the time we spend at...

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly gave us a glimpse of what happens to the human body after a year in space, and we can almost relate with all the time we spend at 40,000 feet crisscrossing the country for NAHU events.

  • This article provides a snapshot of state options around Medicaid buy-in and Medicare buy-in, what they mean and how the differ from state-to-state.
  • The Trump Administration is trying to delay Medicare drug premium increases until after his 2020 reelection bid.
  • Confused about Attorney General Barr's testimony about the ACA? This article is an in-depth look into the testimony and what we found out.
  • Lawmakers and lawyers in Idaho are concerned that the Medicaid Expansion bill signed into law by Governor Brad Little may contain illegal provisions.
  • Medicaid expansion might be able to get through in North Carolina this year due to the changed political environment.
  • Measles has been declared a public health emergency in New York City. Unvaccinated people in certain exposed zip codes will be required to receive the vaccine, or risk a fine.
  • Forget Measles and Ebola, a deadly superfungus has infected hundreds of people across the world, and scientists don't know how to stop it. It is thought that superfungi like the one in this article are created by evolution caused by pesticides, anti-fungals, and antibiotics in our crops and livestock.
  • Medicine is potentially made less safe when nurses are prosecuted for medical mistakes because it creates a culture where medical mistakes may not be reported due to fear of punishment. A non-punitive system has been established in the past as the best way of preventing more errors from happening in the future.
  • From Forbes: Five Ways Millennials Do Healthcare Their Own Way
  • A military exemption in the "Tobacco 21" bill in Texas may doom the proposal.
  • Early results suggest that teeth-whitening products might damage teeth to a larger degree than we thought.
  • Sitting more than 13 hours per day may sabotage the benefits of exercise. According to a small study performed at the University of Texas, sitting for prolonged periods of time may negate the typical benefits of exercise on the metabolism.
  • Katie Bouman, a 29-year-old computer scientist, led a team of more than 200 scientists in the development of an algorithm that created the first image of a black hole. The image was released this week.