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It’s Friday the 13th, but how can we feel unlucky when we have so many wonderful readers and all these health policy links to share?

The president’s new health reform strategy is don’t back down.

Why one of our nation’s biggest unions isn’t too happy with the state of health reform.

Want to be happier? Perhaps you should pick Scandinavia as a vacation destination.

Health reform’s Medicaid expansion won’t just bring more people into the safety net. As this infographic shows, it will really change the demographics of the Medicaid population, including bringing in more heavy drinkers and smokers.

We can think of many ways how this piece on how to argue with research you don’t really like could be useful.

A major grocery store chain is eliminating its coverage option for part-time workers and directing them to the exchanges.

The Cadillac tax explained.

Finally, we were wondering if the date being Friday the 13th could have any effect on our health. As it turns out, British researchers checked into it in 1993 and found, that for some, it is a very unlucky date and that transportation-related injuries are significantly higher. So stay home and avoid cars and crossing paths with black cats tonight! 

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•  Subsidy Verification Bill Passes House
•  HHS Releases Study on Rate Review
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