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State to State
Showcasing State Arts Agency Ingenuity

New Visions for Alaskan Arts Education


In 2009, the Alaska State Council on the Arts (ASCA) adopted a special arts learning initiative: the New Visions project. This initiative was catalyzed by sobering results from a statewide assessment revealing that 73% of Alaskan districts had no arts curriculum, only six included the arts as a graduation requirement and less than 2% of the state's teaching force was highly qualified in the arts. To address these shortfalls, ASCA launched the New Visions project to demonstrate high-quality arts education programs in three Alaskan school districts. New Visions: New Hope, a newly released progress report, documents the success of these programs. Key findings include:

  • 4,433 students received arts instruction that they had not been receiving before;
  • 300 educators received formal training in how to integrate the arts across the curriculum;
  • Two out of three school districts adopted formal visual arts curricula;
  • 4,540 parents and community members were engaged in school-based arts programs.

For more information, contact ASCA Arts Education Program Director Laura Forbes.

Creative Aging in Kentucky


Creative aging and lifelong learning will be the central themes of the Kentucky Arts Council's (KAC) Arts Access Assistance grant program in the upcoming year. Arts Access Assistance (AAA) fosters cultural opportunities for underserved communities: populations whose access to the arts may be limited by barriers related to age, geographic isolation, ethnicity, economic circumstances, disabilities or other factors. Each year the Arts Council chooses a specific population to be served through AAA grants to public libraries, cooperative extension offices, social service agencies, health care facilities and civic organizations as well as arts and government entities. Awards made in the fiscal year 2013-2014 grants cycle will focus on programs that serve Kentuckians age 65 and older. Grants of up to $10,000 are awarded with a 25% cash matching requirement. For more information on the criteria used by KAC to adjudicate grants and evaluate the program, download the program guidelines or contact KAC Arts Access Director Sarah Schmitt.

Charting the Future of Illinois Arts Organizations


With the assistance of the Illinois Arts Council (IAC), cultural organizations across the state of Illinois have come together to assess their needs and identify possible new pathways to success in a climate characterized by uncertain economics, new demographics and a rapid pace of change. The Arts & Business Council of Chicago, in collaboration with Slover Linett Strategies and IAC, led a multiphase needs assessment in 2011 and 2012 to develop actionable initiatives for how arts organizations and arts service organizations could work together to achieve long-term sustainability and relevance to their communities. The findings suggest that innovation, risk-taking and collaboration will be central to the capacity of Illinois arts organizations to find ways to structure their organizations, make decisions, engage their audiences and create new revenue streams in the future. Specific recommendations are summarized in two reports: Charting New Paths Through Innovative Collaboration, which focuses on the Chicago area, and the Arts Organization Needs Study, which gauges the relevance of the recommendations to other regions of Illinois. For more information about the project, contact IAC Director of Community Arts Development Jennifer Armstrong.

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