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State to State
Showcasing State Arts Agency Ingenuity
Paul Pietsch
Summer Arts Education Institute


Create2013, the Tennessee Arts Commission's (TAC) third annual Creativity in Education Institute in July, will be of special interest to state arts agencies interested in arts integration models and practices. The conference, hosted in partnership with Middle Tennessee State University, focuses on integrating the arts and the common core curriculum. Nonetheless, the conference is open to all K-12 teachers, arts specialists, special education teachers, teaching artists, librarians, and principals and other school administrators. To activate engagement on multiple levels, Create2013 will feature four types of sessions, ranging from lesson demonstrations to tutorials and workshops on topics relevant to specific grade levels, special education, and school administration. The event also boasts its MindBenders—performances presented by nationally known artists that cue up conversations about the role of creativity and the arts in schools. To learn more, contact TAC Director of Arts Education Ann Brown.

Promoting the Arts in the State Capitol

The Emancipator, by Sy Collier

"The Emancipator," by Sy Collier, one of five artists presenting solo exhibitions this spring in the Nevada State Legislative Building. Image courtesy of the artist and the Nevada Arts Council


Since 1985, the Nevada Arts Council (NAC) has organized and presented visual arts exhibitions in the Nevada State Legislative Building during biennial legislative sessions. This year, between February and June, the Legislative eXhibition Series (LXS) is featuring five solo exhibitions of artists working in photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture, as well as a retrospective that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the NAC Folklife Apprenticeship Program. A new initiative cre­ated for the 2013 Nevada legislature, The Work of Artists, provides an opportunity for artists to engage with community members and those working in the State Legislative Building through lecture demonstrations and workshops. The series features photography, saddle making, printmaking, Chinese calligraphy and Washoe basket making. The Work of Artists is a collaboration be­tween NAC and SenArts, a new program of the Nevada Senate to promote the visual arts in the Senate areas of the State Legislative Building. Through both the LXS and The Work of Artists programs, NAC places the arts—figuratively and literally—in the center of state policy-making, ensuring lawmakers can't overlook the work of artists and the impact of creative experiences on all Nevadans. For more information, contact NAC Executive Director Susan Boskoff.

Honoring Our Servicemembers Grants


The Arizona Commission on the Arts (ACA) has a new grant program to support participatory arts and cultural experiences for active-duty members of the armed services, reservists, veterans and their families. The Honoring Our Servicemembers Grants, which range from $750 to $7,500 and have a one-to-one matching requirement, may be used for new or existing partnership programs serving participants of all ages in any arts discipline or in arts therapy. Eligible grant applicants are Arizona health and human service nonprofits, schools with tax-exempt status, school districts and local government agencies. Arts and cultural experiences support service members, veterans and their families as they navigate issues unique to military service. The grant program is an example of how state arts agencies can identify and reach out to underserved communities through partnerships with groups closely tied to those communities. To find out more, contact ACA Organizational Services Coordinator Kristen Pierce.

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