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Autumn 2013

AOM Day Update


With the arrival of autumn, many practitioners are preparing themselves to celebrate AOM Day, scheduled for October 24th, as a special day to promote acupuncture and Oriental medicine throughout our communities. The NCCAOM has partnered with other national leadership organizations to promote AOM Day in the past years and even launched the first celebration of AOM Day in 2002 by holding a press event in Washington DC. NCCAOM’s promotion of AOM Day through media events and the AOM Day website spawned many mini celebrations by practitioners throughout the nation and even received recognition by practitioners in Canada and Pakistan. Some were able to get their city or state leaders to proclaim AOM Day while others held free clinic days at acupuncture clinics and schools to promote the many benefits of our medicine.

 We encourage all of you to continue to promote this unique day. This year, we have revamped the AOM Day website to offer you a plethora of information to promote your practice. We are excited to feature an informative video from marketing expert Jeffrey Grossman of Acupuncture Media Works with excellent tips on how to effectively market your practice. There are also examples of sample press releases and proclamations to promote your practice and AOM in your local communities and with your local news markets. Take advantage of the opportunity to promote your national credentials and share information about this wonderful medicine with those who have not had the chance or opportunity to experience the healing benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Here are some examples of ways for you to promote your practice and AOM on AOM Day:

  • Hold an Open House or a free clinic day in your community where you demonstrate acupuncture, Asian bodywork or herbal treatments free of charge.
  • Publicize your event for free on local radio stations and newspapers as a community event.
  • Send out a press release or a media advisory (a one page document that gives the when, where, who and what for your event) to the local media. Offer to treat the members of the press for free for stress relief with acupuncture or ABT treatment.
  • Collaborate with a local AOM school to have an AOM awareness workshop on acupuncture, Chinese herbology or Asian Bodywork Therapy for anyone who wants to attend for free – offer free treatment to those that are interested. If no schools are in your area, offer the class at your clinic or another location.
  • Write an op-ed piece in your local community newspaper or magazine touting the many benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Use personal stories and experiences (with the written consent of your patients) to explain the efficacy behind the medicine.
  • Encourage patients who want to share success stories to write a blog or journal about their experience with AOM. You can link or post this on your website with their permission.
  • Link AOM Day website (www.aomday.org) to your website. This website was created by the NCCAOM in 2004 to recognize and promote the day. Send your activities and events to us so we can promote your event on the AOM Day website.
For additional information and marketing tips for AOM Day, contact Olga Cox at ocox@thenccaom.org.

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Pacific Symposium Celebrates its Silver Anniversary


Pacific Symposium is celebrating 25 years of Oriental medicine history in the making, October 24-27, 2013! Pacific Symposium has been a treasured meeting of the minds and spirits of acupuncturists and other health care practitioners from around the world since 1989. This world-class conference brings acupuncturists, medical doctors, massage therapists, students, and professors together 
to exchange state-of-the-art knowledge in a beautiful retreat setting at the Catamaran Resort and Spa in San Diego, California. This year’s Symposium line-up is guaranteed to inspire, with speakers at the forefront of the integrative health community, along with fun-filled festivities to celebrate this anniversary milestone.

Jeffrey Yuen, Ted Kaptchuck, Kiiko Matsumoto, Miki Shima, Giovanni Maciocia, Lillian Bridges, and Matt Callison are just a few of the experts who will present seminars and lead interactive workshops covering a myriad of Oriental medicine topics. A diverse array of topics includes: pregnancy acupuncture, facial reading and diagnosis, qi gong, traditional Thai massage and more!

Pacific Symposium is proud to present Ted Kaptchuk, author and assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, as this year’s Keynote Speaker. Dr. Kaptchuk will be discussing the latest clinical research on acupuncture, including controversial methods like “placebo acupuncture”. He will compare clinical and neurobiological findings on genuine and sham acupuncture, examining the East Asian perspective on placebo effects and medical ritual; and pondering how Nei Jing's idea of a "penetrating divine illumination" relates to placebo studies.

Jeffrey Yuen will be returning this year to speak on the popular topic of pregnancy and Chinese medicine. Yuen  will be looking at the models of pregnancy gestation in Chinese medicine and discussing how to manage each month of pregnancy, as well as how to treat common gestational issues. Important key points will include: dietary guidelines and treatments for common symptoms and conditions during pregnancy, as well as exploration of the dynamics of shen in utero. To complement Yuen’s talk, Debra Betts will be teaching a workshop specifically on the use of acupuncture in cases of threatened miscarriages, as well as induction of labor.

A returning favorite, symposium speaker and Chinese Medicine Author Giovanni Maciocia will speak on multiple topics, including his revolutionary study of the treatment of autoimmune diseases. This will be a first, since there is no “traditional” theory of autoimmune diseases in Chinese medicine. This workshop will explore the etiology and pathology of these diseases from the point of view of Chinese medicine and outline strategies of treatment. Giovanni will specifically look at Grave’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and asthma.

That’s a sneak peek of some of our hit speakers! Not only can attendees hear the rest in person, but also this year, they will be able to view live-streaming workshops and lectures straight from their home computers. If you have any registration questions contact the Pacific Symposium Office at Symposium@PacificCollege.edu or call (619) 574-6909.

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Avoiding The Most Common Ethical Pitfall - Failure to Report

By Michael Taromina, Esq.


Health care was not the first industry required to comply with state government regulations in America. Property insurance holds that distinction, which had its first regulation passed by Massachusetts in the early 19th century—over a hundred years after the first insurance company began operating. Health care was also not the first industry to be regulated by the federal government—the railroads earned that honor later in the 19th century, primarily to curb their monopolistic practices. Regulation of health care emerged at the dawn of the 20th century and has expanded like no other since, seemingly changing and further complicating with each passing minute. (Note: government regulation of public health issues such as oversight of food and clean water traces back thousands of years to Ancient Greece.) Although financial and energy professionals may disagree it would be difficult to find a more complexly and intensely regulated profession in the history of the world than a licensed health care provider in modern day America. It is a daunting task for expert regulators to regulate health care professionals when doing so involves interpreting a hodgepodge of state and federal laws/regulations pertaining to credentialing, licensure, access, delivery, liability, ethics, reimbursement, etc. No other Western nation “regulates” health care in a more complicated approach than America.  Couple our convoluted framework with our hyper-litigious culture and it should come as no surprise that no other nation spends nearly the amount we do “regulating” and/or “litigating” our health care.

Click here to see the full article

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2013 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey Results



In an effort to obtain valuable feedback from one of our most important stakeholders, our Diplomates, NCCAOM has conducted Diplomate Satisfaction Surveys minimally every other year since 2005. The 2013 survey has been very instrumental in providing the NCCAOM staff and Board of Commissioners direct input from Diplomates regarding their satisfaction with our services and products, as well as providing us with comments and suggestions that will help the NCCAOM offer more benefits to our Diplomates in the future. As a result of the feedback that we garner from the satisfaction surveys, the NCCAOM has been able to make improvements to its website, offer a quarterly e-newsletter for Diplomates, and provide marketing services such as free websites for Diplomates .

The 2013 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey which was conducted from July 11 to August 15, 2013 was significantly modified; the benchmark questions from previous years were reconstructed to better measure Diplomate satisfaction and to lessen the time Diplomates spent completing the survey. The question format was also condensed to encourage a higher participation rate and expedite the analysis. A total of 1,353 Diplomates responded to and completed the survey. The NCCAOM would like to thank every Diplomate who took the time to complete the 2013 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey. The results of this survey will serve as a new benchmark as NCCAOM continues to strive for increased customer satisfaction.

Click Here to see full report

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Strategic Partnership Update

Acupunturists Without Borders Training Calendar for 2014


Acupuncturists Without Borders is offering a comprehensive training in disaster and trauma relief work with 15 CEUs, including 4.5 CEUs in Ethics and Safety. Completion of an AWB Training is often required in order to volunteer in AWB's volunteer-run disaster relief efforts. Below is a preliminary schedule of AWB's trainings for the year of 2014. More detailed schedule to follow soon.

  • February 21 - 23, 2014: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, California
  • March 2014: Arizona, Location: TBD
  • April 19 - 20, 2014, Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts, Asheville, North Carolina
  • May 2014: Austin, Texas: Location: TBD
  • June 2014: Minnesota, Location: TBD
  • July 2014: Seattle, Washington, Location: TBD
  • October 2014: New York, Location: TBD
  • November 2014: Hawaii, Location TBD
  • December 6-7, 2014: Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Los Angeles, California

Click here to register

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Marketing Support for AOM Day


If you are struggling to build a full, sustainable and prosperous practice, watch this video. You will learn 8 strategies to attract new patients into your practice. These are No-Cost marketing strategies that ANY practitioner can do. They are 100% free, and you'll walk away with a bunch of marketing pearls AND a free eBook!

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MINDBODY has partnered with electronic medical record company, Athena Health to enable their network of over 40,000 doctors to connect their patients with acupuncturists and other Integrative Health practitioners nationwide. A preferred list of practitioners on MINDBODY Exchange will be available for doctors to review and recommend to their patients.

Interested in meeting more patients via their doctors? Simply log into your MINDBODY Exchange account and you will be walked through the opt-in process: www.mindbodyexchange.com/login

Not yet listed on MINDBODY Exchange?  Sign up for your free profile.

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