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Summer 2015

Investing in the Success of Your Profession and Your Practice:

Volunteer and Let Your Suggestions be Heard


The NCCAOM staff and I hope you are enjoying and taking advantage of the beautiful days of summer. This time of the year provides us the opportunity to pause to thank the many volunteers that have contributed to the success of the NCCAOM. Without our volunteers, we would not be the organization that we are today. I am pleased to report to our Diplomates that during the last several years the number of volunteers affiliated with the NCCAOM have more than tripled. For many years, there has been a group of dedicated and highly motivated volunteers who have served as an invaluable resource to the organization. I continue to be most impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge and enthusiasm that our volunteers bring to their committee work and I am in awe of the unique perspectives that our volunteers bring to the Board, committees and special taskforces. The NCCAOM has a rich tapestry of volunteers woven from an array of talented, seasoned and energetic practitioners who over the years have lent their experience and leadership skills in a variety of ways to provide expertise as subject matter experts for our certification exams development, eligibility standards, recertification requirements and renewal process which includes the Professional Development Activities (PDA) courses and the promotion of our NCCAOM Diplomates.

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AOM Day 2015: Does this Make a Difference?


The idea of an Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) Day was born at an AOM leadership meeting in 2002 with the intention to educate the public and raise awareness of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Since 2002, this national day of observance which continues to be celebrated annually on October 24, is recognized by the thousands of licensed acupuncturists, as well as AOM leadership organizations in the United States and around the world.

Today, 14 years later, we understand more than ever, just how far-reaching the effects of this type of public education can be. Last year alone, across the globe, during AOM Day and the weeks surrounding it, people from over 12 countries and over 1,400 news agencies, were learning about and experiencing this ancient medicine. As a direct result of NCCAOM’s outreach to our Diplomates, AOM schools and state associations, there were 104 programs and events, throughout the United States and abroad, registered on the AOM Day website at www.aomday.org. Additionally, there were other participants who were not involved in structured events, but were involved in advancing AOM Day by activities such as distributing flyers, presenting informational workshops about AOM and offering free or discounted services to new patients. This was none the less another significant way to spread the world about acupuncture and Oriental medicine and had the benefit of attracting new business.

Does this make a difference? It is a well-known fact that it takes several times for a person to hear of something before they give it a try and AOM Day is a great opportunity for that to happen. You don’t have to host a massive event in an effort to participate in this celebration. One small action (flyer, voucher, and/or lecture) goes a long way. It can make a huge difference for your business and also have a major impact to help a potential patient while also promoting the AOM profession as a whole. Although AOM has been practiced for many years in China, Korea and Japan, AOM is now rapidly increasing in popularity throughout the Western world. More and more people are turning to AOM in their quest to maintain their already good health, to seek remedies for a particular ailment or to reduce or minimize their reliance on pharmaceutical medications.

The statistics of the AOM Day website shows an enormous spike in first time viewers and many of our practitioners reported an increase of business in the period immediately following the AOM Day week. The feedback we have received has shown us time and time again that AOM Day is always a great success and is one to be repeated. We are hoping that you will leverage

Have you entered to participate in the Video Contest 2015?

AOM Day 2015 as a vehicle to become more involved in promoting the AOM profession while promoting your practice. We anticipate that as more new ideas are generated, the effort will result in an even bigger and more successful AOM Day in 2015.

The AOM Day website, sponsored by the NCCAOM, is now ready for your event postings so start planning today on how to bring AOM awareness to your town and local community. Preparation for AOM Day 2015 begins NOW.


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NCCAOM Strategic Partnership Update: HealthProfs


HealthProfs.com and NCCAOM continue to offer our Diplomates the opportunity to begin receiving new patients through the HealthProfs directory which is accessible by thousands of patients and other healthcare practitioners. NCCAOM is spotlighting acupuncturist Dr. Jasmine Berke’s profile on HealthProfs website. For an opportunity to view her attractive and professionally made profile and to find out more information about how you can set up your own profile, please click here

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2015 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey


The NCCAOM continues to be committed to meeting your needs as a Diplomate. To help us identify how we can best meet your future needs and to provide your input on our existing services, we would like you to take a few minutes to tell us about your recent contact with the NCCAOM by completing the 2015 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey. The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

We will use this information to help us determine what future services the NCCAOM can provide and how we can better meet your needs. Remember, with your feedback, we can more effectively make changes that are important to you. In fact, this year NCCAOM has implemented two new taskforces that are charged to help Diplomates be more successful as practitioners. One is the Hospital Based Practice Taskforce and the other is the Public and Professional Recognition Taskforce. Feedback from previous surveys resulted in these two focused efforts to assist our Diplomates.

In August, please be on the lookout for a separate email invitation to participate in the 2015 NCCAOM® Diplomate Satisfaction Survey. If you have any questions about this survey, which is completely anonymous, please contact Olga Cox, Manager, Marketing and Diplomate Relations.



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NCCAOM Reinstatement Exams: Pass Rates Have Increased Significantly


In an effort to provide a more cost effective and simplified pathway for former NCCAOM Diplomates (whose certification has terminated) to return to active Diplomate status, the NCCAOM began accepting applications and offering the NCCAOM® Reinstatement Examinations in 2013. Passage of a reinstatement exam allows former Diplomates to return to active Diplomate status without reapplying for certification through the first time certification eligibility routes.

Since the inception of the program in August of 2013, 18 former Diplomates have successfully met the eligibility criteria and passed the Reinstatement Exam in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine or the combined Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology Reinstatement Exam. Only one comprehensive exam must be passed to demonstrate competency maintenance for certification reinstatement. 

In January of 2015, the NCCAOM conducted a new standard setting workshop to establish the passing cut score for all three of the NCCAOM® Reinstatement Examinations. The result was a dramatic increase in the pass rates for these exams. Once the new cut scores were applied, beginning with the December 2014 candidates, the pass rates for the Acupuncture Reinstatement Exam has ranged from a 72% pass rate to a 100% pass rate. This means that former Diplomates have an even greater chance of becoming certified again through this designated route.  Registration is now open for all NCCAOM Reinstatement Exam administration periods. The next opportunity for former Diplomates whose certification has terminated to take the NCCAOM® Reinstatement exams will be from September 21 – October 3, 2015. These exams will also be offered during three, 2-week periods in 2016.

To apply for “reinstatement” as a former NCCAOM Diplomate of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology or Oriental Medicine, you can go to the Forms page of the NCCAOM website where you will find: the NCCAOM® Reinstatement Application; NCCAOM® Reinstatement Handbook; and the NCCAOM® Reinstatement Exam study guides, which contain the exam content outlines for the Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology and Oriental Medicine Comprehensive Reinstatement Exams.

Every year, more states continue to require full NCCAOM certification. Currently 24 states require full certification, in Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine or Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, as a requirement for licensure as an acupuncturist. Also each year, more employers and insurance carriers are verifying that acupuncturists in their systems are NCCAOM certified. Additionally, NCCAOM continues to offer other benefits for active NCCAOM Diplomates (please see the  NCCAOM website).

For additional information or specific questions related to reinstatement as an NCCAOM Diplomate, please contact our NCCAOM Customer Service Representative by accessing the Online Certification Service Assistance Email Account or call (904) 598-1005.

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ACPL Exam Administration in 2016


In the interest of getting more questions with updated point location images and increasing the number of updated exam items to be used for scoring on the exams, the NCCAOM will be administering computer-based fixed form (linear) Acupuncture with Point Location (ACPL) exams starting November 2015 and continuing through 2016, which will accomplish these goals more quickly.

The ACPL exam module will be offered in a fixed form (linear) format starting with a November 10-23, 2015 administration, and will continue to be offered for four, 2-week exam administration periods throughout 2016.

The dates for the 2016 Acupuncture with Point Location Exam – Linear have been finalized.  Please see below the Exam Delivery dates along with the registration dates.


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