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Fall 2015
In This Issue
Bullet 2015 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey Results
Bullet NCCAOM Annual Report 2014 is now available
Bullet Healing Community Trauma: Empowering Acupuncturists to Transform Their Communities
Bullet Building Your Business. Part I: Getting Started
Bullet On the Front of Integrative Medicine
Bullet NCCAOM Strategic Partnership Update: HealthProfs
Bullet Save the Date

2015 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey Results



In an effort to obtain valuable feedback from one of our most important stakeholder groups, our Diplomates, NCCAOM conducts the Diplomate Satisfaction Surveys minimally every other year and has since 2005. The 2015 survey has been very instrumental in providing the NCCAOM staff and Board of Commissioners direct input from Diplomates regarding their satisfaction with our services and products, as well as providing us with comments and suggestions that will help the NCCAOM offer more benefits to our Diplomates in the future. As a result of the feedback that we garner from the satisfaction surveys, the NCCAOM created new marketing materials for our Diplomates, enhanced the NCCAOM website with a new AOM News and Resource Center to promote the use of AOM for various ailments, and launched an online recertification application process saving time and money for our Diplomates. The 2015 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey was conducted from August 18 to September 18, 2015. A total of 1,625 Diplomates responded to and completed the survey. The NCCAOM would like to thank every Diplomate who took the time to complete the 2015 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey. The results of this survey will serve as a new benchmark as NCCAOM continues to strive for increased customer satisfaction.

To Read Full Report Click Here

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NCCAOM Annual Report 2014 is now available



Click here to read the NCCAOM Annual Report 2014


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Healing Community Trauma: Empowering Acupuncturists to Transform Their Communities


By Melanie Rubin, AWB Co-Director,
Carla Cassler, AWB Co-Director, and
Diana Fried, AWB Founder and Board President


Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) was created in 2005 to help those in Louisiana suffering from stress and trauma in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

In the words of AWB founder Diana Fried:                                                         

“AWB’s vision is to help build stable, peaceful, global communities. Knowing that unresolved trauma can have repercussions for decades, we train acupuncturists to offer community-style acupuncture to interrupt this cycle…Over the past ten years, AWB has learned that the best way to accomplish this mission is by training acupuncturists to provide trauma relief in their own communities.”

After Katrina, more than 80 acupuncturists were trained by AWB to work in the field in New Orleans and nearby areas of Louisiana, and these acupuncturists treated close to 8,000 people. This early emergency training provided the prototype for AWB’s current Healing Community Trauma course, which has now trained almost 3000 acupuncturists throughout the United States.

Click Here to read full article


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Building Your Business. Part I: Getting Started


By Shellie Goldstein, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)®, Dipl. C.H. (NCCAOM)®

The results of a NCCAOM 2013 Job Analysis indicated that there are approximately 28,000 licensed acupuncturists nationwide. This survey also noted; that of those practicing, 35% work part time. Either by choice or not, practitioners without enough new or existing patients to maintain a substantial practice may need to supplement their income with jobs often differing from their desired career.

Establishing a successful practice for many can be challenging. It takes time, perseverance, patience, and skill. This two-part Building Your Practice article will provide keys to setting up and running a successful practice. Part One will focus on the basic options for setting up a practice to accommodate your personal, professional, and financial needs. Part Two will discuss ways to run your business by involving your patients and networking with others.

Click Here to read full article

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On the Front of Integrative Medicine


By Bill Reddy, Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM)®, L.Ac.,
Director, Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC)


The Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC), where NCCAOM is a “Partner for Health,” has been monitoring a number of federal bills that affect our profession or the public health of the nation.  Below is a summary of our recent efforts.

Things are looking up for CAM use in the US military. The Department of Defense Appropriations Bill of 2016 contained the following statement:

“Complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies are now recognized as vital among those modalities for the treatment of pain for their efficacy, broad patient acceptance, minimal adverse effects and low cost.  Yet the development of system-wide policies and practices for their integration remains unfulfilled.  The committee strongly encourages DVCIPM to accelerate the research on and integration of CAM therapies for the management of pain and directs the Assistant Secretary of Defense (health affairs) to provide a report to the congressional defense committees not later than 180 days after enactment of this act on the status of their integration.”

Furthermore, the bill has appropriated $278M for a Peer-Reviewed Medical Research Program including “Integrative Medicine” and “Non-Opioid Pain Management” among others.

IHPC, in cooperation with Samueli Institute, is monitoring this bill.


GMO Labeling Legislation

The “Safe and Effective Food Labeling Act of 2015” (H.R. 1599) is an extremely misleading title to a bill that will not only allow the food industry to avoid labeling foods containing GMO, but also restricts states from passing their own labeling laws to protect their citizens!

(Click HERE for access to the bill)

Heavy lobbying from “Big Food” has ushered the bill through the House and it’s on its way to the Senate.  Don’t we have the right to know what we put into our bodies?

On the BRIGHT side, Senate Bill 511 (also known as the “Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act”) introduced in February, 2015, is the antithesis of Senate Bill 1406, protecting the American public, and can be found HERE.


Compounding Pharmacy FDA Regulation

For those readers who are dual degreed (L.Ac., ND) a recent FDA effort may limit your ability to use compounding pharmacies in your practice.  It also will prohibit sales of compounded supplements and medications across state lines.

The Integrative Health Policy Consortium’s Partners for Health organizations strongly support Senate bill 1406, a bill that would allow for safely compounded medications to continue to be administered in doctors' offices and rein in the FDA's actions to limit the interstate distribution of these needed drugs.

Please click HERE to view the bill (also known as the “Saving Access to Compounded Medications for Special Needs Patients Act.”)

In the late summer, the National Academy of Medicine requested input on topics for their upcoming “Perspectives” series, a publication to educate the new administration on issues in American Health and Medicine.  The IHPC offered the following topics for consideration:

  • Integrative Health and Interprofessional Education/Collaboration
  • Evaluate different integrative medical models for the US
  • Hospital Residency inclusion for acupuncturists, certified professional midwives, naturopathic physicians and chiropractors
  • Collaborative education for legislators via caucuses
  • How to best train the next generation of healthcare providers
  • Introduction to complementary and integrative health course in medical school curricula.  Note: (In a 2003 paper entitled Alternative, Complementary, and Conventional Medicine: Is Integration Upon Us?” the authors shared, “…our experience at the University of Wisconsin Medical School – where an evening CAM course was for its first 2 years one of the most highly attended electives in the medical school’s history – points toward a high degree of medical student interest.”.
  • Non-Discrimination in Healthcare (Affordable Care Act Section 2706)
  • Working with state and federal agencies to enforce the law
  • Healthcare provider abuse and burnout – system wide changes to accommodate the workforce
  • Integrative health professionals as primary care providers
  • Traditional World Medicines
  • Childhood and adult obesity
  • Environmental toxic substance and EMF exposure
  • Overuse of narcotic and psychoactive drugs
  • Integrative pain management
  • Promoting the Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services, Standard PC.01.02.07
  • Shifting to a patient-centered or “relationship based care” model
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine (Affordable Care Act Section 3502)

NCCIH Congressional Mandate Compliance

The NCCIH has been violating their congressional mandate to have at least 50% of the seats on their Advisory Council filled with representatives of the complementary and integrative professions.  IHPC has written a letter imploring them to follow the spirit and the letter of the law.  The board is currently comprised of 18 members and only 4 of them have a CAM background (a Chiropractor, Registered Nurse, Naturopath and DO).  The voices and professions of acupuncture, massage therapy and midwifery are missing, and because of that, the potential to advance inter-professionalism and team care are lost, as well as greater research opportunities. The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the Academic Consortium of Complementary and Alternative Health Care also sent letters expressing similar concerns.


Non-Discrimination and Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act

CoverMyCare is a consumer information and engagement campaign that has been created to complement the policy work of the IHPC since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.  The objective is to ensure that the provisions of Section 2706 of the Act, "Non-discrimination in healthcare," are properly implemented across the nation.   CoverMyCare.org is a grass-roots consumer education and advocacy web site resource that serves advocates in the states by encouraging formation of coalitions and serving as a clearinghouse for information and resources they develop.  For more information about non-discrimination related to our profession and section 2706, click here.


A Message from the Leadership of the ASA

The American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA) is excited to announce our official incorporation. The ASA is an organization currently comprised of representatives from 24 state acupuncture associations. As each state faces some similar issues in our profession, member state associations have been working together on common issues. The ASA taskforces for these issues include topics such as dry needling, legislative agendas, and public education. All of the ASA’s member state associations are working diligently to promote a strong national voice for acupuncture in America. As member of your state acupuncture association, you are helping us to shape acupuncture in America.


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NCCAOM Strategic Partnership Update: HealthProfs


HealthProfs.com and NCCAOM continue to offer our Diplomates the opportunity to begin receiving new patients through the HealthProfs directory which is accessible by thousands of patients and other healthcare practitioners.

NCCAOM is spotlighting acupuncturist Afua Bromley’s profile on the HealthProfs website. For an opportunity to view her attractive and professionally made profile and to find out more information about how you can set up your own profile, please click here.


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Save the Date


Celebrate with us to launch the

NCCAOM revised Code of Ethics!

The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Presents:

The NCCAOM Ethics and Safety Symposium

With Michael Taromina, Esq.

(This event meets the NCCAOM’s New 2016 Recertification requirements
for 2 hours of Safety and 2 hours of Ethics)

January 23, 2016

Orlando, FL

A detailed announcement about the conference including
registration information, pricing and location is coming shortly!


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