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Summer 2017
In This Issue
Bullet Making a Difference by Adapting and Changing
Bullet Welcome New Commissioners
NCCAOM Seeking Nominations
Bullet For Professional Member Commissioners to Serve on the NCCAOM Board
Bullet Coming in July 2017: The NCCAOM Job Analysis Survey
Bullet NCCAOM Public Education Campaign
Bullet NCCAOM Going Paperless
Bullet Diplomate Spotlight: Carol DeMent, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

Making a Difference by Adapting and Changing


Kory Ward-Cook, Ph.D., MT (ASCP), CAE, CEO

Determining how to incorporate new evidence-based data into clinical practice is not easy. It takes intention. Regardless of what motivates you to make a change in your practice, the patients you serve, or those you employ, new data necessitates that you continually reevaluate how you practice. Likewise, non-profit organizations that serve their members play a key role in obtaining data for decisions related to services, supporting or refuting assumptions, and increasing member value. The NCCAOM has had a very productive year so far focusing on collecting data to improve services as well as to help us meet the future needs of our Diplomates.


Early in 2017 NCCAOM, through its partnership with SmithBucklin AMC, conducted a series of focus groups to conduct a needs assessment and receive feedback from our Diplomates. Overwhelmingly, Diplomates shared that they feel that a public education campaign to promote their NCCAOM National Board-Certified credentials would be the most valuable service the organization could provide. As a result, the NCCAOM launched a public education campaign to do just this (please see full article on the NCCAOM Public Education Campaign in this newsletter). Not only did your feedback empower us to partner with Echo Media to provide a very robust, ongoing media presence, we further stepped up our social media presence, resulting in a 120% increase in the number of visits to our NCCAOM® Find a Practitioner Directory, compared to 2014. In fact, in May 2017, alone, there were 31,664,460 unique visitors who came to the NCCAOM website! Be sure to check out all the NCCAOM Press Releases that were sent in 2016 and 2017 to-date. Each Press Release contains a message about how to find an NCCAOM practitioner.


NCCAOM is also collecting ongoing demographic and clinical practice information which can serve as a benchmark for Diplomates and those who employ Diplomates. Throughout the year, as Diplomates recertify, they are invited to take an online survey, called the NCCAOM Diplomate Demographic Survey. The data generated from this survey provides valuable quantitative and qualitative data on trends happening with the profession. This data also aids NCCAOM to advance the profession by receiving federal recognition through agencies such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2018 the BLS will publish the next Occupational Handbook, and for the first time Acupuncturists will have a unique standard occupational category (SOC).


Another important survey that the NCCAOM conducts every 3-5 years is the Job Analysis Survey. The results of this survey are directly used to update the NCCAOM Certification Exam Content Outlines, which will be published later this year. It is imperative that we have as many licensed acupuncturists participate in this survey as possible as the more certified and licensed acupuncturists that complete the survey the more valid the national exam content will be. The demographic component of this survey will also assist with maintaining a profile of licensed acupuncturists, how they practice, and the environments in which they practice. Without the JA survey, achievements such as the recognition of Acupuncturists by the Bureau of Labor Statistics would not be possible. Please see the full article on the 2017 JA in this issue of the Diplomate e-News You Can Use. If you have not signed up to receive the survey, we ask that you do so now. Your participation will enter you into a drawing to win an iPad mini and also obtain PDA points. The survey goes live on July 1, 2017!


Another area in which we sought data through Diplomate feedback was to make improvements to our website. Over the past year, we have revamped our website and specifically requested input from our Diplomates on what should be included. Thank you to all who have provided us with website improvement suggestions which have resulted in the creation of a new NCCAOM website launched in February 2017. If you have not yet done so, we hope you take the time to check out the new website at www.nccaom.org. Be sure to login and update your profile so that we can keep in touch with you on important NCCAOM matters. The NCCAOM now has two websites www.nccaom.org and the NCCAOM Academy of Diplomates website.


Just a few final notes, NCCAOM is also going to be moving to a paperless environment so our staff will be working with you to ensure that this process is smooth and effective for all of our Diplomates. Please see the announcement in our e-newsletter.

Finally, the NCCAOM is looking for candidates to serve on the Board of Commissioners as practitioner members. Anyone interested in serving on the Board can read more about it in this issue of the Diplomate e-News You Can Use

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Diplomate newsletter. The NCCAOM staff and I welcome your feedback on our new website and its Public Awareness Campaign. Please send your responses to Olga Cox, Director of Communications and Customer relations at ocox@thenccaom.org. We are always committed to hearing your suggestions for changes that will benefit you, the Diplomates, and the AOM profession overall. It is with the data that we receive via your feedback that we can continue to meet your needs.

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Welcome New Commissioners


The NCCAOM Board of Commissioners welcomes Matthew Stanley to the Board as a Public Member. Matthew P. Stanley is Vice President of AEGIS Associates, LLC, a boutique government affairs and association management firm in Richmond, Virginia that primarily serves organizations within the healthcare and education sectors. He provides comprehensive nonpartisan government affairs representation before the Virginia General Assembly and executive branch, including state regulatory agencies. In providing association management services, Stanley helps associations focus on their missions through strategic leadership and efficient operational management. He maintains active membership with the Virginia Society of Association Executives.

Previously, he was Government Affairs Associate at Advantus Strategies, LLC, a Richmond lobbying and association management firm, and Legislative Analyst for a senior member of the Virginia House of Delegates. In 2007, he graduated with dual degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University: a Bachelor of the Arts in International Studies and a Bachelor of the Arts in French Language. In addition to his studies at VCU, he studied at l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques, a school for political science in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Stanley has served the Richmond, Virginia community in a number of leadership roles, including as President of the Fan District Association, a charitable civic association representing the City of Richmond’s largest neighborhood of more than 13,000 residents.


The NCCAOM Board of Commissioners also welcomes Janet Zand, O.M.D., Dipl. Ac., Dipl. C.H. (NCCAOM)®, Lac. as a professional member. She has over thirty years of private practice experience in natural medicine including: acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, functional medicine and nutrition. She has taught and lectured to physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors and nurses since 1983.

Dr. Zand is the author of Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, A Parent’s Guide to Medical Emergencies, and Smart Medicine for Healthier Living (Avery Publishing, 1994, 1997, 1998, respectively).

She was the cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Zand Herbal Formulas, Inc. from 1978-2002.

In 2009, Dr. Zand joined forces with Dr. Nathan Bryan, in nitric oxide research and the co-formulation of NEO40, by Neogenis Labs. There have been more than one million doses of this ground breaking nitric oxide nutritional supplement sold.

In 2015, Dr. Zand was inducted into the Hall of Legends, and acknowledged by the National Nutritional Food Association and New Hope as a thought leader, innovator and leader in the natural products industry.


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NCCAOM Seeking Nominations

For Professional Member Commissioners to Serve on the NCCAOM Board


The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)® is seeking NCCAOM Diplomates who possess a commitment to the growth of integrative medicine, with specific interest in certification and credentialing, to serve as practitioner members of the Board of Commissioners.

Expertise Needed:

NCCAOM is seeking individuals who are currently certified with the NCCAOM in good standing, demonstrate leadership skills, and have one or more of the following skills or expertise:

  • Facilitation of group discussion to reach consensus
  • Previous engagement in strategic planning activities
  • Experience with financial oversight of a nonprofit board
  • Experience implementing or knowledge in the development of healthcare policies including creating position statements
  • Serve as a practitioner in an integrative healthcare practice setting
  • Previous experience serving on a state licensing board
  • Previous service as an officer on a non-profit or for-profit Board of Directors.

NCCAOM Professional Member Commissioners serve a term of three years and act as agents of NCCAOM with the following responsibilities:

  1. Attend three face-to-face, three-day Board of Commissioners meetings annually, at various locations throughout the U.S.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of and support for NCCAOM certification standards and policies.
  3. Serve on at least two standing committees (may involve reimbursed travel once per year).
  4. Participate in CEO, self, peer-to-peer assessments and overall board assessments.

After completing the Board orientation and becoming familiar with NCCAOM standards and policies and procedures, the estimated monthly time commitment of a Commissioner is ten hours per month.

Please contact Dr. Kory Ward-Cook, CEO NCCAOM® at kwardcook@thenccaom.org or her assistant Melissa Dow at mdow@thenccaom.org to receive an application or to obtain more information.

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Coming in July 2017: The NCCAOM Job Analysis Survey



The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) is conducting a Job Analysis (JA) study to define and update a core set of competencies, skills, and performance expectations that result in safe and effective acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practice. The identification of these measurable core competences, skills and performance sets will provide the framework for updating the NCCAOM certifying examinations to ensure they reflect current practice. As you can imagine, it is critical to the profession and public protection to create certification examinations that are relevant and accurately represent the knowledge, skills, and abilities that AOM practitioners must possess to perform competently and safely.


Earlier this year, a diverse group of licensed acupuncturists, representing various educational and experience backgrounds, developed an exhaustive list of the core knowledge required for competent AOM practice. This list was converted into an online survey which will launch in July. All licensed acupuncturists are encouraged to respond; your participation is vital to help ensure that the results reflect the diversity of AOM practice. In addition to providing a framework for the certification examinations, the survey results will also allow the NCCAOM to develop a profile of licensed acupuncturists, how they practice, and the environments in which they practice. Without the JA survey, achievements such as the recognition of Acupuncturists by the Bureau of Labor Statistics would not be possible.


We need your input! Watch for the JA survey invitation, which will be distributed via email on June 30, 2017!  For more information about the job analysis study, and to be sent the link to the online survey once it is live, please go to Job Analysis page to opt in.


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NCCAOM Public Education Campaign


As a result of a needs assessment of Diplomates performed by SmithBucklin, a widely-known association management company, conducted earlier this year, NCCAOM learned that a public education campaign promoting NCCAOM Diplomates and national credentials is the most desired service requested by Diplomates.


In response, the NCCAOM, in partnership with Echo Media Group, a PR and marketing communications agency, is actively engaged to increase the awareness of the services provided and the visibility of the NCCAOM certified Diplomates to the public, the media, and other healthcare practitioners.  


Echo Media Group is a collaborative team of thinkers, doers and all-around “go getters”. A team of professionals who strategize, analyze and execute campaigns on behalf of their clients. Echo began as a public relations firm, and it continues to be one of their core areas of expertise. Today, PR often works in concert with social media and search engine marketing disciplines to create campaigns that influence audiences, ignite brands and deliver results.


The NCCAOM public education campaign is already underway with press releases and media advisories garnering more media attention and continuous social media awareness postings. Click here to view the Public Education Campaign page on the NCCAOM’s new website launched in February 2017. If your school or business is sponsoring an event or have a newsworthy item to promote, please contact PublicRelations@thenccaom.org.


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NCCAOM Going Paperless


NCCAOM has created a vision to take our business into the paperless future! The environmental impact of paper production, processing, and distribution as well as the business costs and efficiency losses of using paper has been a major driving factor for us.


In an effort to increase efficiencies, reduce risk, and help the environment, the NCCAOM is moving to a paperless business model for all of its business and application processes, which will include paperless transcripts from ACAOM accredited schools. In addition, this will impact certification, recertification and PDA Provider applications. This means that eventually only electronic forms, transcripts and transactions made through the NCCAOM website portal will be accepted for processing and paper applications will no longer be available to constituents.


Throughout 2017, NCCAOM will be partnering with technology experts to ensure that this process is a smooth and seamless transition and there will be several notifications and updates regarding this initiative. We encourage all of you to start preparing for the move toward a paperless environment by visiting our website and becoming familiar with our online application process.

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Diplomate Spotlight: Carol DeMent, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)


Once a quarter the NCCAOM draws the name of a recently recertified Diplomate who has completed the NCCAOM® Diplomate Demographic Survey. This is a very important survey that provides NCCAOM with much needed demographic information for projects such as federal recognition.

The survey winner receives a voucher for a free recertification and an opportunity to be featured in a Spotlight Article on Facebook and on our website. We encourage all Diplomates to participate in this important survey to help advance the profession and have a chance to win a free recertification.

The winner of the January 1, 2017 Diplomate Demographic Survey drawing is NCCAOM Certified Diplomate of Acupuncture, Carol DeMent.

NCCAOM Question 1: What attracted you to the field of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine?  

Answer: I have always been drawn by the holistic nature of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, (body/mind/spirit; nutrition, movement therapy, herbs, needling) and especially by its roots in Taoist theory. I believe in practicing within a healing paradigm that places humankind squarely within the laws of nature, one with the universe. I had studied nursing in the late 1970s and found it too mechanized and hierarchical, and feared that the movement toward high tech medicine would further diminish the human aspects of healing, disempower the patient and ignore the immense importance of preserving health rather than treating disease. 

In the practical realm, I also liked the thought of having a private practice where I could create a work environment that met my needs as well as my patient’s needs.

Q2What was your first impression of the NCCAOM®?  

A: FEAR!!  Everyone feared the certification tests while I was in school. The exam formats were changing from hands-on point location exams to paper location when I took the exam; it was the test run of the new system and so very scary to be the guinea pigs. I was sure I had failed because I wrote my answers on the wrong sheet but was given credit anyway.

To Read full article please Click Here

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