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Preparation for AOM Day 2014 Begins Now

AOM Day 2014 falls on a Friday, (October 24th); therefore, this is a great opportunity to make your AOM Day celebration or event even bigger by extending it throughout the weekend!

Those of you, who last year took advantage of the opportunity to teach the general public about the benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM), understand just how far-reaching the effects of this type of education can be. Across the globe, during AOM Day and the weeks surrounding it, last year people from over 12 countries and over 1,300 news agencies, were learning about and experiencing this ancient medicine. As AOM practitioners, you have a unique opportunity to draw new patients to your practice through this worldwide event and introduce them to the healing power they can access with relative ease.

This year your events can easily expand past Friday into a full weekend of demonstrations, lectures, “herbal happy hours”, discounted or free treatments, acupuncture, Chinese herbology, bodywork therapy and tai chi /qigong  education etc. or structure the celebration to include the whole week. The AOM Day website, sponsored by the NCCAOM, is now ready for your event postings so start planning today how to bring AOM awareness to your town and local area. The re-designed AOM Day website has some new features. Your patients will now have the access to post personal stories or testimonials, of their success with acupuncture and Oriental medicine treatments. Please share the AOM Day website information with your patients. Then, direct them to the Patient Testimonials page. This is a unique opportunity to promote both the AOM profession as a whole and your individual practice. In addition, visitors to the site will be able to search by state to find AOM Day celebrations and activities in their area.

The effort shown by everyone who participated in AOM Day 2013 was not only vitally important to increasing the progress, promise, and benefits of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, it honored a tradition of medicine which has been used for over 3,000 years. Thank you for your renewed efforts, your continued commitment to health and your outstanding compassion for those in need. To start submitting your events for AOM Day, please go to the AOM Day website.  Preparation for AOM Day 2014 begins NOW.

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