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Latest Website Updates





Emphasizing the five ‘W’ words – Who, What, Where When and Why, our website has emerged as an effective tool for communication and information sharing. We are happy to present a list of the latest website updates since the beginning of 2014:

    News and Events: This section was created to bring you the latest up–to-date information about NCCAOM’s internal changes, external events, and news about the AOM profession around the world. Whether you are a reader who is looking for current information about the profession, or if you are a consumer searching for stories on the efficacy of acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) or simply have an interest in what is happening at the NCCAOM, you will find it in the News and Events webpage.  

    Information on the News and Events page is divided into three different categories:

    • Internal News and Events, where you can find information about recent NCCAOM policy changes, Annual Reports, Fact Sheets and Newsletters.
    • Press Releases will give you access to all major NCCAOM press releases since 2009, and
    • External News and Events. In this category you will find articles from the media about AOM as well as the latest status on communication from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) about an independent health code for acupuncturists.  We encourage you to send us positive stories about the benefits of AOM to add to the timeline of articles that are already featured in this section. Please email us at

      Marketing for Your Practice : This section brings you tools to market your practice such as brochures which can be used to promote AOM in your waiting room and listings of information about external events in which you may wish to distribute at conferences, health fairs, etc. Below are the brochures that you can either download from the NCCAOM website or order from the NCCAOM.

      • The NCCAOM Certification Booklets are full-color 8 page booklets with a detailed description of each certification program (Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, and Asian Bodywork Therapy). These booklets provide consumers with information about the benefits of selecting an NCCAOM Diplomate and provides them with information on how to find certified practitioners and an explanation of the training certified practitioners have achieved in comparison to other healthcare providers.
      • Providing National Standards This brochure is another great tool to educate consumers about how and why to seek the help of qualified, certified and licensed practitioners.
      • Consumer Guide This brochure is designed to be custom ordered for the insertion of personalized information, to include the practitioner’s name, credentials and business/ practice information.
      • For more information about these brochures, please go to the marketing page of the NCCAOM website.

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