NCCAOM News - December 2016 (Plain Text Version)

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Diplomate Tools and Strategic Partnerships Update

We are pleased now to offer new updated Diplomate benefits page offering various tools and synergistic programs to certified Diplomates. These tools and programs include:

  • Credentialing Licensed Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Professionals for Practice in Healthcare Organizations: An Overview and Guidance for Hospital Administrators, Acupuncturists and Educators;
  • Credentialing of Acupuncturists for Hospital-Based Practice: A Resource Guide for NCCAOM Diplomates;
  • Meridians: The Journal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, free online subscription;
  • Synergy Program: Call a Doctor Plus Services;
  • Synergy Program: HealthProfs Acupuncturists Directory;
  • FREE websites with ChiOnline.

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