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NCCAOM Going Paperless: An Update


The NCCAOM announced in its Spring newsletter that in an effort to increase efficiencies, reduce risk, and help the environment, our organization is moving to a paperless business model for all its business and application processes.

As an update to you, our valued constituents, here are some of the ways the NCCAOM is streamlining its processes, thereby, providing better and more timely service to you.

  • All applications will be submitted online only.
  • School officials will have a dedicated online portal to upload student transcripts.
  • Exam verification process is now completely online enabling submission of your exam pass/fail information to be submitted to state licensing boards more efficiently. Please sign on to your portal to submit this request.
  • Foreign education evaluation review companies (ICD) will have a dedicated portal to upload evaluation reports.
  • PDA providers will have a dedicated portal to upload class attendance sheets and submit all course applications.

Below is a timeline of NCCAOM’s Steps going paperless:

Step 1: In the beginning of 2017 the NCCAOM stopped accepting credit card payments on paper applications.

Step 2. State Verification requests transitioned to online process in the Spring of 2017.

Step 3. Effective November 15, 2017, paper applications for NCCAOM certification and certification renewal (recertification) will no longer be accepted. All candidates for initial certification and for recertification will be completing an online application. Under exceptional circumstances paper application will be provided at an extra charge of $100.

Stay tuned for additional updates.


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