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Call for Volunteers

The NCCAOM is actively seeking a Diplomate for our Biomedicine Exam Development Committee. The Diplomate must be dually licensed as a Licensed Acupuncturist (or state equivalent), and also hold an MD, DO, or RN degree.  This individual should have a strong knowledge of pharmacology, be available for in-person meetings beginning in May and July of this year, be NCCAOM certified as either a Diplomate of Acupuncture or Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, be fluent in English, and ideally have graduated from acupuncture schooling within the past 7 years.  The committee work demands an individual with strong collaborative and consensus seeking skills.

The exam development process is critical to establishing baseline competency for the profession.  The work involved between meetings is generally minimal, though some training and concise assignments will occur.  This is an opportunity to help maintain and shape the NCCAOM biomedical exam, utilizing critical thinking skills and creativity to edit and create exam items, consider appropriate content for the test based on the NCCAOM Job Task Analysis, and work in a positive team environment.  Committee members are asked to serve for a minimum of three years following an initial year as a guest of the committee.

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