September 20, 2011
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In an interview with Glass Magazine, Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions officials confirm the 28 locations the company will operate as of October 2011.  


Video: In case you missed it
From footage of exhibitors (literally) dancing in their booths, to videos of live product demonstrations and machinery introductions,’s video gallery offers the chance to see the people and products of GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo, held Sept. 12-14, in Atlanta.

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During the boom, aluminum and glass suppliers paid token attention to the average glass shop, but they chased the large commercial glazier. Now that the boom is over, glass shops have become more attractive and the suppliers have "come a-callin'" again. The problem is they haven't changed their attitude.
The 2011 GlassBuild America event is now history, and what a wild and enjoyable time it was. The show continues to cement its place as the networking event of the year, and it was great to see everyone. Some concluding thoughts on this year’s show…
Product Spotlight

Saf-Glas developed the laminated glass product, which uses nanoparticles to redirect portions of the light spectrum to the edge of the glass, which is lined with monocrystalline solar cells. Watch the video.

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Watch how Santelli Tempered Glass uses the newest generation of Albat & Wirsam commercial and production software to streamline process flow not only from machine to machine, but also from the front office to production and shipping.

Great Glazing
A 54-foot long curved decorative glass wall highlights the Rochester Institute of Technology's Administrative Services Building/Innovation Center. The piece is 10 feet tall and made of etched and hand-chipped glass.