January 29, 2013
From Glass Magazine
U.S. glass company leaders—from full-service glass shops, to large contract glaziers, to glass and metal suppliers—say they are optimistic about 2013. While the industry continues to face notable challenges—a slow recovery, uncertainty over taxes, and concerns about the implementation of the health care law, to name a few—officials, for the most part, say market conditions will continue to improve in the coming year.
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Petersen Aluminum
The question is not whether or not the need for energy efficient products exists, or whether our industry is capable of providing them. The real challenge lies in our ability to effectively show the building community the value proposition they offer. 
Last week, I spent a few days at the GANA Annual Conference, and as always, came away impressed by the talent in our industry and the work that is accomplished during the event.  Many of the discussions involved crucial, technical pieces that will have an effect on the way business is done in our world.
Product Spotlight
Aluflam introduced a UL-tested, 90-minute, fire-rated, full aluminum vision door. Architects and designers will appreciate the door’s design flexibility, because it blends seamlessly with standard, non-rated products, according to company officials.
Great Glazing

Dynamic glass manufacturer: SAGE Electrochromics
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K.T. Fabrication Inc.

To expand its presence in Phoenix, UMB Bank opted for a modern structure that features a uniquely shaped building envelope with an extensive installation of dynamic glass. The building pushes the limits of design, managing to be a net-zero energy building while meeting LEED Gold certification guidelines, according to a release from SAGE Electrochromics.