April 1, 2014
From Glass Magazine

The decorative glass market is the tech industry of the glass world. New fabrication technologies and product options are entering the market at a speed that more closely resembles the electronics market than the construction industry.

Industry news

Too often, high-performance glazing applications miss the mark because performance and use don’t align. So, how can the industry develop better glazing solutions that don’t favor performance outcomes over people? An important starting point is to engage the building owner and design team on how the building will be used.

Who out there still believes in building integrated photovoltaics? The effort is still ongoing, but BIPV is not near the mainstream yet. The question is: When will the right product, with the right efficiency and at the right price come to fruition?

Product Spotlight

Innovative Glass developed Liquid Crystal Switchable Privacy Glass—LC Privacy Glass, or “eGlass”—a dynamic glass technology that replaces curtains, glass partitions and other alternatives in healthcare environments where privacy and sanitation are necessary.

Great Glazing

Glazing contractor: Ridgeview Glass Inc.
Glass manufacturer/fabricator: AGC Glass Co.

The William H. Gross Stamp Gallery, a $66 million addition to the National Postal Museum at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., features a striking display of digital imaging technology on glass. Architects for the project chose to feature stamp reproductions, in exacting color, on 54 illuminated windows on the exterior wall of the gallery. The window designs represent individual stamps on display inside the museum. Read more...