April 11, 2017
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Glass and glazing suppliers will join nearly 800 exhibitors, April 27-29, in Orlando for the AIA Conference on Architecture 2017 and Architecture Expo, sponsored by the American Institute of Architects. The following gallery offers a preview of the glass and metal products that will be on the expo floor. 
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Two salespeople work for the same company in similar territories, selling the same products for the same prices, but have much different sales records. What would cause two individuals to achieve such different results? The art of follow-up.
Is automation truly killing jobs, or is it a window to new opportunities? In many cases automating one process opens opportunities to re-purpose resources to another aspect of a business.
Great Glazing

Contract glazier:  Kristian Neiko
Glass manufacturer: Guardian Glass 
Glass fabricator: Daks-96

The Sofía Largo buildings make up the government headquarters of Sofia, Bulgaria. Ruins of ancient Thrace and the Roman city of Sérdica lie along the perimeter of these buildings. The museum of ancient Sérdica, commissioned by Bulgaria’s Ministry of Culture, opens part of the ruins to view through three glass domes. In addition to allowing the ruins to be observed from outside the museum, the domes add architectural value to the city section, while fulfilling strict standards of European safety applicable to large public works with high traffic. Read more...