May 28, 2019
From Glass Magazine
The annual AIA Conference on Architecture and Architecture Expo will be held in Las Vegas, June 6-8. Check out a preview of some of the glass products that will be on display. 

The 2019 Glass Magazine Awards: Deadline Extended
Glass Magazine invites submissions for the 2019 Glass Magazine Awards program, featuring brand-new categories. Please submit your nomination online by extended deadline, May 29, 2019. 
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Vicone Rubber
Defining decision-making processes is a good thing. When decision-making fails, and it will at various points along the way, we should confront it, mitigate it, manage it, reveal it, use it as a time to learn and adjust, and then move on to better outcomes.
A few weeks ago, I was extremely honored to give the keynote address at the Texas Glass Association Glass Conference II. The main takeaway I provided after all of my research for the presentation was that there is a softening of the markets coming our way.

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