June 11, 2019
From Glass Magazine
The American Institute of Architects hosted the 2019 Architecture Expo in Las Vegas, June 6-7. More than 450 exhibitors, including over 50 from the glass and glazing industry, presented products, solutions and educational sessions to architect attendees at the show.  

Industry Voices Respond to Tariff Policy Changes
In light of the quick succession of tariff turnarounds, Glass Magazine asked industry members to comment on the impact of tariffs on the industry, the effect of the recent tariff increases, and the imprint they may leave on it in future.

Last Chance to Submit Products to the Glass Magazine GlassBuild America Product Preview
The August issue of Glass Magazine will showcase the products to be displayed during GlassBuild America. If your company is a GlassBuild America exhibitor, submit product information online by June 12 to be included in the product preview.

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This year’s AIA Expo showcased the industry’s major strides in finding the connection points between people and products. The glass industry has fostered more conversations and training opportunities for architects, then collaboratively engineered product solutions for connecting performance, aesthetics and cost, according to exhibitors.
My summer interview series, “The Big 3,” is back again. Last summer I interviewed several people from many different walks of life in the glass and glazing universe and I’m doing it again this year. 

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