September 1, 2020
From the NGA
GlassBuild Connect, being held online at, opens today and will run through Sept. 30. For the next month, the industry will have access to a packed schedule featuring industry-focused programming and product exploration, presentations, demonstrations, roundtables, Q&As and more. More than 300 industry suppliers are participating as exhibitors, while 16 leading associations and organizations collaborated with NGA on content. Registration is free. See the Full Schedule

Glass Magazine: Industry Trends | Architectural Glass
Architectural glass continues to expand in size, and since the pandemic, in applications. Industry leaders see continued relevance for the aesthetic, and protective, qualities of glass in architectural building. Check out the first in this on-going series, which will look at product trends across the glass industry.
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Good golly what I wouldn’t give for some good ol’ fashioned precedented times, finally. Don’t worry, this isn’t another “in this together” warm and fuzzy read—you can find those elsewhere, some even penned by me. This one is about business and perspective. This is a battle cry. 

It is finally here. GlassBuild Connect kicks off this week, and for the next month we’ll be focused on the best that our industry has to offer. Obviously, this year is like no other and GlassBuild being an online experience is like nothing else out there. I am honored to work on the team there to bring you a truly genuine and caring event. 
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The Chase Center is a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose arena for sports and entertainment located in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood. Home to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, the new complex is the city’s largest indoor venue, featuring an 18,064-seat arena, 100,000 square feet of mixed-use/retail space, and underground parking. 

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