September 15, 2020
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The shape of the macroeconomic rebound is coming into focus as 2020 nears its end, said Connor Lokar, ITR Economics, during the GlassBuild Connect presentation on Sept. 8.  Lokar, who described “macroeconomic carnage” during the July NGA Glass Conference, painted a picture of the shaky economic rebound, how construction fits into the economic landscape and what companies might consider as overall construction can anticipate a dry spell through 2021. 
Glass Magazine: Industry Trends | Metals & Hardware 
Trends in glass industry metal systems—from curtain wall systems to railings to interior hardware—continue to move toward maximizing views and sightlines. Customers seek greater access to natural daylighting and a sense of openness in the built environment. Check out Part 4 in this six part series on product trends from Glass Magazine. 
NGA Partners with NAWIC to Support Women in Construction
NGA is pleased to announce its partnership with the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) to host a joint roundtable discussion during GlassBuild Connect. In the midst of an ongoing labor shortage, this discussion will address how companies can recruit more women into the construction field and also take a look back at how the state of women in construction has changed over the past decade.
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I’ll be honest. This is hard. Many of us are working from home, parents are homeschooling or virtual schooling, or some other cobbled together semblance of a schedule that tries to balance work, life, and family. But here’s the deal. We are adapting. The word pivot is now burned into my 2020 memory bank for good.

U.S. industry is confronting a different economic landscape this year, and the glass and metals industry is no different. This year’s Top Metal Companies report will offer a comprehensive look at the market trends and pressures facing industry companies. 
This past week at GlassBuild Connect, Connor Lokar from ITR Economics delivered an incredible performance; more than 75 minutes of detailed intel and dives in the economic landscape. For all of us though I think the thing to focus on is “how are we going to deal with it?” How are we going to pivot and/or diversify our offering, our staffing, our approaches. 
Take 5: Standout Products

GlassBuild Connect continues this week, featuring over 600 products, including 138 debut products. Check out five new products in machinery, and see all the new products here. 

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Mappi ATS 4.0

Mappi International produces high quality tempering systems for the flat glass industry, now greatly enhanced by Siemens' Mindsphere technology. All new Mappi tempering furnaces are the first to be certified "Powered by Siemens" in the glass industry, ready to implement the features of Industry 4.0. 

Robotic Island + VE500 V10

Integration and automation play an important role in Bavelloni's offer to meet the growing demand for productivity and efficiency, flexibility and process optimization, reduction in labor use, and the need for safe, reliable and fast handling through robots. In this field, Bavelloni can develop a great variety of custom and special projects in combination with Bavelloni machinery and other equipment.

V-Coil Rack
Store, load and unload your coils of aluminum, steel and stainless for your Intercept, InterGrid and screen frame processes. Improve safety with integrated hoist option and reduce damage with our innovative rack and lifting system.
MC 316 Machining and Cutter Center for Aluminum Profiles
The New MC 316  machining and cutting center for aluminium profiles features:
  • Bar feeder with automatic loading 
  • Unloading bench made by a conveyor belt with processed-pieces storage
  • 4 axis milling-drilling module
  • Cutting module: cutting unit with three axis descending movement.
Neptun Quick Duo T8
Quick Duo T8 is an all-in-one automatic vertical CNC milling and drilling workstation designed to save space, while delivering high-speed accuracy, ease of use and low maintenance costs.


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