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  • GlassBuild Connect, an Entirely New Glass & Fenestration Online Experience, is Coming this September

    In anticipation of limitations on 2020 in-person events, we have worked behind the scenes to produce an online marketplace called GlassBuild Connect: The Glass & Fenestration Online Experience. GlassBuild Connect will showcase exhibitors’ products and services for buyers and prospects to explore online during the entire month of September. Online attendees will also have access to educational events, economic and trends forecast presentations, product demonstrations, and other informative programming throughout the month.

    Watch for details as we pivot online with GlassBuild Connect to deliver the information gathering, trend-watching, learning, evaluating, comparing—and of course, buying and selling—that the industry has come to expect every year.


  • A GlassBuild to Meet 2020 Challenges

    By Katy Devlin, Glass Magazine
    My first GlassBuild America was in 2005. I was fresh out of college, new to the glass industry and absolutely stunned by the size and scope of the show. I haven’t missed a GlassBuild since that first one 15 years go. The show and its education and networking opportunities have made it the most important industry event each year for me personally and for Glass Magazine.

    COVID-19 has turned 2020 plans upside down for us all. It has asked us to adapt and change; to find new ways of connecting, working, collaborating, problem solving. Now it’s forcing us to pivot once more when it comes to our industry’s gathering place. I will greatly miss the in-person GlassBuild America this year. In the meantime, of course, we’re adapting, with a month-long glass industry event from the NGA, GlassBuild Connect. While COVID has derailed so much for our industry, it hasn’t stopped innovation, research and development, market trends and more. These are the stories GlassBuild exhibitors will be sharing to a global audience throughout September during GlassBuild Connect. And we’ll be closely watching at Glass Magazine.

  • A Year Without GlassBuild America

    By Emily Thompson, Window + Door
    I joined the NGA and Window + Door staff in September of 2014. My second day at my new job entailed watching GlassBuild America in Las Vegas come to life. I was coming in with more than a decade of trade shows under my belt, which gave me the experience to confidently step on the show floor, even as a fenestration rookie. It also gave me the perspective to realize how different this show was from all the others I attended, and not just in terms of the products, content and exhibitors. There was a distinct energy.

    GlassBuild has since set a pace and rhythm to my years and my work at Window + Door. It is the most important event I attend every year. It is my ultimate source of insight into the trends that frame our market.

    Everything about this year has felt strange and it will feel even more foreign as we move into the fall without GlassBuild to mark the time. I will miss seeing your faces, hearing your stories and seeing firsthand what you've been working on to make the industry better, more efficient and more productive. But I'm also excited to be part of the team that is creating a month-long fenestration event to bridge the time until we can all be under the same roof in Atlanta in September 2021. I hope you'll be a part of it.

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