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December 9, 2015
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The Latest
Limiting Risk in Litigation
It seems that litigation is, at one point in time or another, a given for all medium to large-sized window manufacturers. In some cases, the defense presented by Economic Waste Doctrine can be used to decrease the amount of damages a plaintiff ultimately recovers. A majority of jurisdictions recognize the doctrine, albeit to varying degrees. Read More

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National Millwork Inc. Acquires Elite Door and Trim
PGT Announces New Vice Presidents
GPI Announces National Sales Expansion
AWP Windows and Doors Appoints New VP
ProVia Founder Retires
Product Spotlight
Simple Solution Corner Pad from Endura Products

The new Simple Solution Corner Pad from Endura Products is designed to seal out imperfections and reduce service calls. The new design is said to deliver enhanced performance and protection, and counteract water infiltration with a larger channel between the weatherstrip and corner pad. The thicker design reportedly prevents air infiltration and its new shape resists tearing. The new design is square and non-handed and features a locator edge and weatherstrip clearance area.

The Talk

By Ron Crowl

How do you get your employees to live your mission statement? Creating a culture of respect among your staff—respect for you, for each other, and for their colleagues in other departments—will naturally evolve into a deeper respect for your company and, thus, your mission.

This often occurs organically in smaller companies where a natural symbiosis develops among staff due in no small part to proximity. In larger companies, where folks might go days or even weeks without seeing the people who work in other areas, the challenges are greater. But, the need to develop this culture of respect is just as vital to larger companies’ survival too, if not more so.

Once this culture of respect is planted, cultivated and tended, the resulting harvest includes employees who are inspired to live your company’s mission. They’ll go where you go, feel as you do and have the fuel that drives your company forward.

As long as you walk the walk. If you’re going to ask your staff to embrace a philosophy that you’ve worked hard to develop, they’re going to look to you for the map that takes them where you want them to go.

Inspiration is the key. Expecting this to happen by demanding it is tantamount to running a dictatorship, and no one wants to work for a tyrant. Inspire your employees to walk your walk and watch your team march down the field toward the goal.

What do you think? Does your management team inspire the rest of the employees toward your common goal? Weigh in on this week’s poll, post a comment and/or send an email with your thoughts.

Does your management team "walk the walk?"
Hit or miss

Over the Next 12 Months, What Do You Believe that Valuations in the Window and Door Industry Will Do?
Almost 60 percent of respondents to last week's poll believe valuations will increase.
Read the Full Results

The Outside View
NAHB Releases Remodeling Estimates by Zip Code

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