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Service Calls: Track Your Data

Investigation and tracking of service calls can provide valuable data about your company’s operation. Excessive costs in a particular product line, component replacement, or problems encountered can provide early identification of potential problem areas. Regular review of the data, and a statistical breakdown over the service population, can present a global picture of the work your company is doing from intake through warranty service. Careful tracking of this data over time can help a company identify potential trouble spots and take action to address the issues. But this data is only as good as the tracking system and the technicians who record and enter the data. Ensuring the accuracy of service information and reviewing the metrics provided by that data are essential tools for progressive growth.

Paul R. Gary and Matthew A. Johnson are attorneys at the Portland, Ore.-based Gary Law Group. They can be reached at 503/227-8424 and on the Web at www.prgarylaw.com.

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