June 25, 2014
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Maritech Windows Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The Carollton, Texas, manufacturer of vinyl windows and patio doors, filed for voluntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas Dallas Division. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all assets will be liquidated…read more

Window & Door Now Accepting Dealer of the Year Nominations

Each year, Window & Door's Dealers of the Year program recognizes window and door retailers and distributors for excellence in the areas of marketing, customer service, showrooms and community service. If you would like to nominate a company for the 2014 Dealers of the Year program, please download and submit a nomination form by August 12, 2014…read more

Nicole Harris Succeeds Phil James as CEO of Window and Door Dealers Alliance

Phil James, president and CEO of the National Glass Association and the Window and Door Dealers Alliance, announced his transition to president and CEO emeritus. NGA senior executive Nicole Harris succeeds him as president and CEO of the organizations, having assumed control over all daily operations on June 20, 2014…read more


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My first introduction to the glass industry was on the automotive side, where I quickly learned about the challenges associated with insurance claims. Retail auto glass shops struggled on a daily basis--and I imagine still do--to educate consumers that their choice of service provider was not limited to the auto glass company their insurance company recommended. It was a tough job. After all, when insured property is damaged, most people call the insurance company first.

Does this same issue exist for window and door dealers? I ask because my neighborhood was recently hit by a severe hail storm and I am looking at potentially replacing skylights. I have been inundated with roofing companies going door to door, asking that I use their services when I file my insurance claim. Yet I haven't had a single call or visit from a window or skylight company.

Does insurance work represent such a small portion of the business that it doesn't make sense to dedicate resources to pursuing? Or, do you establish relationships with local agents rather than relying on door-to-door sales to get your name in front of potential insurance customers? Or is my experience an anomaly?

While I've worked in the window and door industry for some time, I'm still learning the nuances, and I ask this question as both an editor and consumer. What marketing approaches, if any, do you employ for the insurance customer? Let us know by participating in this week's poll and posting a comment.

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