June 3, 2015
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Common Problems in Door Installations

The door is the only part of a house that’s expected to provide a weather-tight seal while withstanding daily traffic and abuse. Despite its heavy use, the door receives little, if any, maintenance or attention from the homeowner. As such, the importance of proper door installation cannot be emphasized enough. Read More


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In the last four years, the world of door glass framing—the seal between the door and glass—has changed dramatically. Before, there was one choice: one frame, one profile. Surveying the market today, you’ll see that we now have options. Some options deal with performance, others with aesthetics. Some work well in hot and humid climates, others in cold climates. This new world of door glass framing is changing the marketplace. How?
For one, different places have different door glass framing needs; now those needs can be met. The Midwest has different door glass framing needs than the Southeast, for example, just as a hurricane-prone area has different needs than a dry area. It may seem obvious, but this idea has been revolutionary for door and window dealers. Providers that are able to meet the needs of a specific area or application can be more successful. 
Also, installation should now be easier and more effective. Little looks worse than beautiful decorative door glass ruined by oozing, wet caulk. This problem can now be avoided with caulk-free installations, made possible by a foam technology that’s recently entered the market. Better installations also mean fewer service calls.
Finally, offering a variety of styles allows dealers to meet a customer’s needs and preferences—no matter the style of home. A door glass frame that looks attractive in a modern home might look out of place in a Craftsman. A frame that works for an art nouveau home wouldn’t look great in a Victorian. Having the flexibility with door glass can allow you to be the dealer for every customer.
In short, dealers who offer door glass frames with new styles and foam technologies are able to deliver value, not just on the door glass, but on the entire entryway.
Has the surge of door glass framing styles and new installation materials changed your business? Are you capitalizing on the different options in door glass framing options and styles? Weigh in on this week’s poll, leave a comment with your thoughts on the subject, and/or send an email to discuss.
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