April 12, 2017
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In some ways, business in today’s digital age isn’t that different than it was in the analog age. Think of a brick-and-mortar retailer—part of the goal for such a business is to simply get people in the door; the other part is to get them to buy something. In the online space, “getting them in the door” is traffic; “getting them to buy” is conversion. 
The main mistake I see many companies make online is having a site that is overly focused on traffic without attention to making a sale. No business can survive if everyone is a window shopper. 
For example, the goal for websites that are completely SEO-focused is to rank highly for very general, popular keywords. Such sites are not concerned with conversions so much as traffic. This makes sense for online business that generate revenue on advertising or link partners. 
That’s not the goal for those selling doors and windows. The goal is to target purchase-driven homeowners, so keywords should focus on a very specific audience. Read More

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Manufacturers, what do you think should be the most important factor for dealers to highlight to their customers as it relates to patio, folding and multi-slide doors?