April 19, 2017
From Window & Door Magazine
A New Era

The Online Governmental Consensus Vote for the International Code Council could change how codes are developed. Read More

Press Opportunity: Window Showcase
Window manufacturers and window component suppliers are encouraged to submit information on their latest products for a special showcase that will run in the June/July issue of Window & Door. The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 5. Click Here to Submit

More News
The Talk
Some interesting news hit since the time I wrote my last Talk on windowanddoor.com: President Donald Trump released his proposed 2018 federal budget, and among some of the cuts was the proposed elimination of the Energy Star program. 
Putting politics aside, the budget was, of course, simply a draft, and is subject to much change before it resembles anything close to law. It also isn’t expected to make it through Congress without significant revision. Likewise, a number of major industry groups have opposed the elimination of Energy Star, including the Window and Door Manufacturers Association.
Still, let’s do a thought experiment: what would a window and door market without Energy Star look like? Read More

New Monthly Reader Poll

New from WDweekly is our revamped industry poll question. Each month, we’ll feature a new poll question or series of questions related to what’s going on in the industry, what’s coming up in the magazine or topics you tell us you want to know about. Plus, post your comments on our poll page and your thoughts may be included in an upcoming issue of Window & Door magazine or in WDweekly.

Manufacturers, what do you think should be the most important factor for dealers to highlight to their customers as it relates to patio, folding and multi-slide doors?