September 20, 2017
Window & Door is pleased to announce the winners of its annual Crystal Achievement Awards, recognizing residential window and door manufacturers and their suppliers for their contributions to the industry. See the Winners

There was a sense of optimistic uncertainty as GlassBuild America opened its doors just a day after Hurricane Irma moved through western Georgia. The event served as a prime display of the current strength of the window and door industry. Read More


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I wrote earlier this year about consumer expectations around the pricing of vinyl windows and doors, and why vinyl’s reputation as a high-quality, superior value proposition has been slower to catch on among some market segments. Even so, vinyl window and door products dominate the residential market.

As a material choice, vinyl continues to make headway in the light-commercial side of the window and door market, albeit somewhat slowly. Because vinyl products have demonstrated the capabilities necessary to meet the higher standards required of commercial applications, it is increasingly being accepted for the light commercial market. For vinyl window and door manufacturers, I believe this is a welcome development.

It is clear we’ve reached something of a plateau where vinyl as a material has come to maturity for many residential applications. However, residential use of vinyl door products continues to evolve. Read More

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Trade Schools and the Labor Shortage
Labor and hiring continues to be a huge topic for the fenestration industry. Especially as the market improves, each segment struggles to keep up with increased volume on a tight staff.

Some in the fenestration industry point to the lack of technical training in America’s primary education system as part of the gap in the lack of qualified candidates. Could measures such as Colorado’s House Bill 1041 be the answer? Weigh in on this month’s poll and post your comments, questions, solutions. If you’re particularly passionate about this topic, send your thoughts to our editorial team so that we can include your comments in an upcoming issue of Window & Door.