October 4, 2017
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2017 Dealers of the Year Announced in Atlanta
Window & Door magazine and the Window & Door Dealers Alliance announced the winners of its annual Dealer of the Year awards at a reception at Window & Door Dealer Days on September 13. Read More

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Twenty-four hours. That is the magical window of time between the inspired moment in which a lead reaches out to a business to secure services and the time by which they have completely forgotten the business’s name. Now, those lucky enough to have an established brand with brilliant reviews and personal recommendations may eke out as much as 48 hours, but this is a luxury of only a few.

Those that don’t have that luxury must have a system in place to ensure that no lead is left to float into forgetfulness and that every moment of inspiration translates to an appointment. There must be a foolproof plan for those few precious hours between inspiration and irrelevance.

InsideSales.com estimates that most leads get, on average, two call-backs before being completely abandoned. Factor in the statistic that 90 percent of phone calls made during normal business hours go to voicemail. Now, consider the investment that goes into getting that lead – from branding, web design and SEO to ads, staffing, training and on and on. Do you think reaching out twice is enough?

When faced with busy lives and voicemail, what can you do to create an approach that allows you to capture more of the leads you’re bringing to the table? Start with the following three elements.  Read More


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Trade Schools and the Labor Shortage
Labor and hiring continues to be a huge topic for the fenestration industry. Especially as the market improves, each segment struggles to keep up with increased volume on a tight staff.

Some in the fenestration industry point to the lack of technical training in America’s primary education system as part of the gap in the lack of qualified candidates. Could measures such as Colorado’s House Bill 1041 be the answer? Weigh in on this month’s poll and post your comments, questions, solutions. If you’re particularly passionate about this topic, send your thoughts to our editorial team so that we can include your comments in an upcoming issue of Window & Door. 

Do you think providing students more obvious access to alternative career paths and technical/trade schools will help the industry’s labor challenges?