March 28, 2018
From Window & Door Magazine
Creative Recruiting
Although the worker shortage continues to be a primary concern for the manufacturing and construction industries at large, window and door companies are using a variety of methods to find and train qualified workers. Read More
Last Call for Entries: Equipment and Software Showcase
Window & Door will run a product showcase featuring equipment and software for the manufacture of residential windows and doors in its May issue. Suppliers must submit information by March 30 in order to be included. Submit Information

The Talk
Window Safety Week, held next week, is observed to heighten the awareness of what parents and caregivers should do to help keep their family and visitors safer from the risks of window falls or injuries in their home, as well as how they can use their windows for emergency escape and rescue purposes.
While everyone in our industry knows that window safety is important year-round, this is a great opportunity to think about how your company can promote safety and to get crucial information out to your customers. There are many tools and resources available to you and your company to educate your customers about what it means to practice window safety. Read More

Monthly Reader Poll

Aluminum Tariffs: Helpful or Hurtful?
President Trump recently announced that he plans to impose a tariff of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports. While his plans and statements have drawn both criticism and praise, Window & Door will take a look at the implications on our fenestration manufacturers and their suppliers. Especially as residential windows and doors trend toward the modern, commercial aesthetic of aluminum, we want to know how the proposed tariffs will impact these trends and your business.
Weigh in on this month’s poll, post a comment and/or email your thoughts on the subject.  
Will President Trump’s proposed steel and aluminum tariffs be helpful or hurtful to the residential fenestration market?