Meeting Recap - 02/02/2017 (Plain Text Version)

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2017 NMHC Annual Meeting Recap

As multifamily executives gathered in San Diego last week for the back-to-back 2017 NMHC Apartment Strategies and NMHC Annual Meeting events, the big question was what happens next—for multifamily, the economy and the nation at large.

NMHC assembled more than 60 speakers from inside and outside the industry to shed some light on areas of uncertainty, from rising interest rates and future housing demand to tax reform and Trump administration policy—and pretty much everything in between. On the latter, both Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former presidential candidate and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney offered their takes on how the Trump administration is likely to reshape things at home and abroad.

But amid all the serious discussions, there were moments of levity throughout the three days of events. Actor and comedian Dana Carvey delighted guests at the annual dinner and many also rallied for Shelters to Shutters, both through generous donations and an early morning loop around the Seaport Village. 

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The Outlook for Rising Interest Rates

Interest rates are set to rise 75 bps in 2017. Here’s how market experts expect that to affect the apartment market.  [return to top]

From the C-Suite

Five multifamily CEOs take stock of some changes to the business, demographic and political landscape and what it means for multifamily.  [return to top]

Tax Reform Begins to Take Shape

With tax reform ranking high on congressional Republicans’ agendas, industry watchers are paying close attention to the details presented in a House tax blueprint. For multifamily, the plan has some benefits—and some tradeoffs.  [return to top]

Five Ways to Maximize Returns

Executives at four NMHC 50 firms discuss their top strategies for performance in today’s uncertain environment. [return to top]

The Industry's Next Gen Leaders

NMHC’s Emerging Leaders program continues to grow, giving the industry’s rising stars the chance to connect with peers and participate in programming.  [return to top]

Diversity Becomes a Bigger Business Issue

Growing awareness of the performance benefits of a more diverse and inclusive corporate culture lead more multifamily executives to get serious about their talent recruitment and advancement policies. [return to top]

Sustainability Drives Value Creation

Innovative technologies and techniques take energy and water performance to the next level, creating new opportunities to grow asset values. [return to top]

Foreign Investors See Unique Opportunity in Multifamily

Good economic growth and a nearly singular investment proposition attracts foreign capital, but hurdles exist.  [return to top]

NMHC Launches New Interactive Report

Revealed at the Annual Meeting, NMHC’s new online interactive feature celebrates NMHC members while inviting you to experience the full value of membership.  [return to top]

The Coming Rental Boom(er)

Dr. Ken Dychtwald, a leading expert on our aging population, discusses how a coming wave of baby boomers will reshape housing.  [return to top]

Aging Stock Creates Value-Add Opportunities

With rent growth moderating for many Class A assets, many multifamily investors see opportunities for strong returns on renovated B product. [return to top]