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January 14, 2015

CES Showcases Smart Home Advances

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held last week in Las Vegas, had the feel of a modern day World’s Fair and offered a brilliant if not overwhelming glimpse into our future.

“There was a definite belief among tech leaders that we are on the cusp of a tech revolution,” said Rick Haughey, NMHC’s vice president of technology initiatives, who attended the annual event.

The new revolution is all about connectivity—connecting, controlling and monitoring just about everything wirelessly. This reality is accelerating the development of the smart home. For example, at CES, the CEO for Samsung announced that 90 percent of all Samsung products will be Internet enabled by 2017.

For the multifamily industry, this means adapting to rapidly changing consumer expectations and growing need to control everything in their lives wirelessly.

“With such commitments across the board from other tech giants, my timeline for guessing when this will happen moved up significantly,” said Haughey. “Issues with security, data and open standards remain, but with the amount being invested in this area I can’t help but believe that by 2017 the connected world they’re predicting will be a reality.”

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How Will CMBS Handle $300B Coming Due in the Next Two Years?

The commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) market may need an ark of its own to handle the flood of debt maturing between 2015 and 2017. More than $300 billion will need to be refinanced, providing a real test of the recovery of the capital markets.


Another Look at the Rent-or-Buy Riddle

Because the question never gets old, a review of the major factors driving people to choose one housing option over the other. Best quote from the article: “In some ways, it’s a bigger commitment to buy a home together than it is to get married.” Plus, Zillow’s 20-year look back at homeowner and renter household growth.


Why Apartment Rent Gains Could Begin to Slow Down

As apartment rents jumped in 2014 for the fifth year in a row, much has been made in the media about the tough time many renters are having paying higher rents. However, some experts see the brisk pace of apartment construction as tempering rent growth going forward.


A Taxing Legislative Agenda for Multifamily in 2015

Against the backdrop of a Democratic president trying to get things done in the face of a Republican-controlled Congress, housing groups are setting their strategies for helping move key legislative items in 2015. Hear from Cindy Chetti, NMHC’s senior vice president of government affairs, and others as to what is at the top of their lists.


Cities Get Tough on Off-Campus Student Housing

With many college students’ creative living situations fanning overcrowding and safety concerns, housing inspectors in some markets are cracking down on off-campus student housing. Major initiatives are underway in Boston and New York.

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The Disconnect Between New Supply and Existing Need

Discussion of sustained rent growth in the market-rate segment of the apartment sector has arguably overshadowed the industry’s real affordability challenge: the lack of designated affordable housing supply.

Amid a wave of new apartment construction, the supply-demand gap widens in this dedicated space. MPF’s Bill Kitchens looks at the shortfall numbers and reviews various federal programs and policies’ abilities to address the disconnect. The main problem, Kitchens argues, is that most of these tools are focused on the preservation rather creation of new affordable units.

Don’t miss Kitchens’ spotlight on NMHC President Doug Bibby’s recent blog post on the industry’s affordable housing issues. Click to catch up on Part I and Part II of the post.

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