Apartment Wire - 02/10/2017 (Plain Text Version)

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Path to Prosperity

We here at NMHC have spent a lot of time over the years focusing on legislative and regulatory issues related to finance and tax. These are of critical importance to our $1.3 billion industry, as they govern the way owners, managers and developers invest, build, operate and trade communities.

But while housing like the kind our industry provides might be a lot about money and land and buildings, it’s fundamentally about people, too. Our purpose is to serve the nearly 39 million people who live in our communities. We achieve that only at the hands of the more than 631,000 people we employ to build and manage our communities.

This is why it’s important to pay attention to the debates that are reigniting around our nation’s immigration policies.

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NMHC Annual Meeting Coverage

Not on your company’s travel team? Catch up on all the action at the 2017 NMHC Apartment Strategies Conference and 2017 NMHC Annual Meeting with our recap. Don’t miss what our media friends also had to say about absorptionsinflationportfolio strategy, value-add and diversity.  [return to top]


The New Tech and Telecom Landscape

NMHC’s Kevin Donnelly talks about how the Trump administration’s changes to leadership at the FCC is creating more uncertainty regarding important tech and telecom policies. [return to top]


The Next Wave of Design Focuses on Wellness

Although less definable than energy-efficient measures, wellness-minded design is growing in popularity as younger generations are pushing for healthier environments in their workplaces and homes. Plus, Shea Apartments' move to smoke-free [return to top]


How to Fix the Broken EB-5 Program

As developers consider the possible demise of the EB-5 program, CityLab looks at the options: Congress and President Trump can either reform it, scrap it—or shore up the status quo.  [return to top]


Five Facts About the Sharp Rise in College Living Costs

College living costs have risen at a startling rate in recent decades and make up a large proportion of the increase in the cost of attending both two- and four-year colleges. [return to top]


Fair Housing Provision Faces an Uncertain Fate

Two new bills have proposed doing away with HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule. One reporter outlines what supporters of the controversial rule believe could be lost if the policy is rolled back. [return to top]


Registration Now Open for the 2017 NMHC Research Forum (April 5-6)

Come to Texas this spring for a two-day binge on multifamily data. You’ll go home with new business intelligence on key industry issues.  [return to top]

Multifamily Market Dashboard

Bigger Units, Bigger Payday

While the industry overall has shifted towards producing smaller units, some developers have moved in the opposite direction and differentiated their communities by building large units, both in bedrooms and square feet. RCLCO has dubbed these “macro units.”

And some of them are being rewarded with higher per-square-foot rents than the smaller units within the same development. But where? RCLCO mapped these over 16,260 macro units across the nation and conducted additional analysis to understand the typical characteristics of macro unit communities.

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