Apartment Wire - 11/02/2018 (Plain Text Version)

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Eye on the Elections

The midterm elections are just days away, and we're tracking a number of key races whose outcomes are anything but assured. We’re also closely watching a dangerous ballot initiative in California that is up for grabs. It’s too early to predict how post-election shakeups will affect the apartment industry, so for now, here's what you need to know before you head to the ballot box on Tuesday.


How California Has Become a National Battle Ground for Rent Control

For some of California’s largest real estate investors, the fight over an initiative to expand rent control through a ballot initiative goes beyond the state’s borders. They’ve amassed funds to not just win in California but also prevent a wave of rent control measures that might follow nationwide. Bloomberg and The Economist also report. [return to top]


Rent Control's Reckoning

NMHC’s Doug Bibby on the existential threat that is California’s Prop 10 initiative. Plus, a look at how Prop 10 could harm housing in California. [return to top]


Polling Picks

Need real-time polling information and smart insights? Our policy experts are fans of FiveThirtyEight, HuffPost Pollster, RealClear Politics and The Cook Political Report. [return to top]


NMHC Offers Bipartisan Support During Election Season

Decisions made in Washington, D.C., affect the way apartments are financed, built, operated and managed. Independent and bipartisan, NMHC PAC is the premier fund aggressively pursuing the election and re-election of lawmakers who understand the multifamily industry and know that a healthy, robust industry translates into a stronger American economy. Visit our NMHC PAC headquarters to learn more about how we fundraise, who we support and how to get more involved. [return to top]


Renters vs. Homeowners at the Ballot Box

Renters are rarely considered a distinct voting coalition, yet they represent almost one in three voters. New analysis from Apartment List’s housing economist looks at the segment’s size, tendencies and influence. Small changes in turnout amongst renters can have a profound impact on national politics. [return to top]


Affordable Housing Set for Spotlight of Next Presidential Campaign

Housing hasn’t been a top issue in past presidential elections, but Democratic strategists and housing experts say it could be a bigger part of the debate in the coming years as concern grows about how housing costs have increased faster than wages. [return to top]

Multifamily Market Dashboard

Predictions in a Picture

The Economist’s forecasting model for midterm elections to the House of Representatives, updated daily, puts its predictions into a pretty picture. To gain control, Dems will need to pick up a total of 23 seats. New reports suggest it could be harder than expected.

Predictions in a Picture
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