E-news for the Construction Division August 2006

Construction Executives Discuss Hot Construction Topics

Imagine for a moment, a room full of construction executives all agreeing on three big issues and six major topics that hit their bottom line and drive decisions in their business every day. How often do the diverse interests and personalities in construction agree on anything easily?

How did that happen? It started with interviews with construction executives just a few months before the event PEC Construction Executives Roundtable July 8 in Boston.

Construction Executives from across the nation identified the following topics that involve the business of construction and engineering as critical to current operations and the future of their companies: 1) Escalating Building Material Costs, 2) Sustainable Design and Building Green, and 3) Brownfield Sites.

The Roundtable dialogue, focused and moved around the room by discussion facilitators, covered each of the three broad-based issues in the first two hours. The interest was high and the executives stood up when they talked, spoke up, and used their hands to illustrate big points or emphasize the economic effect of the topic everyone focused on, until moving on to the next topic.

PEC focuses on issues

The listening and body language said everyone was really involved in the conversations and nobody was bored or multitasking. Executives were encouraged to get up and add additional topics or related big business and professional engineering issues on the charts around the room. During the final hour of the Roundtable, participants decided which additional topics they wanted to discuss more fully during the Open Topic portion of the discussion period and chose Identification & Monitoring Construction Components with RFID and GPS.

Before the end of the third hour, there was total agreement and enthusiasm among all construction leaders in the room that the opportunity for a Think Tank in Construction Industry Issues was evident and compelling. “We need to be in the leadership position on all of this and invite scientists and other construction players to look at each of these issues more in depth with us, here at NSPE,” said David Shields, Ph.D., P.E., of the Howard Hughes College of Engineering at University of Nevada.

From all of the discussion and topics that hit the flipcharts on July 8 PEC took the six issues that generate the most enthusiasm and hunger for more knowledge and turn those into a series of six Web seminars for 2006-07, starting this fall. PEC will invite those who have a reputation and following for good answers to these issues to become featured presenters for the Web seminars.

The Web Seminar Plans for 2006-07
This is the lineup of topics that engineers and other leaders in construction want to cover in professional learning and peer-to-peer discussions, through the live web seminars and ongoing communication among themselves through email and the PEC Web site  Look for further details on this in the next issue of PEC Reporter.

October - Identification & Monitoring Construction Components
We plan to look at solutions to the case of the disappearing tools, trucks and materials. Should we say goodbye bar code technology & hello RFID, GPS and other technology enabled solutions? See how this will change the way you think of traditional construction.

November - Building Information Modeling (BIM): Why Owners and Contractors Want It 
PEC looks at the commercial and legal aspects that will help BIM achieve its potential to deliver projects on time, within budget and without conflicts.

January - Sustainable Design - Advantages of LEED Certification
How do we promote integrated, whole-building design practices? What is the level of owner and consumer awareness of green building benefits? PEC will take a look at how LEED is setting a new, consensus-based national standard for the building market.

February - Green Building: Where's the ROI and Marketing Advantage?
PEC will highlight breakthroughs in building science, technology and operations available to designers, builders, and owners who want to maximize both economic and environmental performance.

March - Brownfield Sites--Grants and Incentives to Cleanup and Redevelop 
Join us for a look at Brownfield property characteristics and development complicated by hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants and changes in the ways contaminated property is perceived addressed and managed. 

April - Through the Roof: Better Ways to Predict and Control Escalating Building Materials Costs
Many building costs are moving faster than ever before, such as copper, cement and gasoline. We will look at what are indicators for further shifts and dramatic jumps in materials costs—what’s likely to be the next cost punch in the nose? What are the technology and information management breakthroughs that can lower the risk and stress of projecting costs accurately and finishing the job without economic stalls? We will examine ways to reduce building costs  that do not compromise the relationships you need to do the project.

For further information about the PEC Web Seminars for 2006-07, contact Kim Granados, CAE, Director, Professional Practice.


Toxic Mold, E-Signatures and Contract Documents Web Seminars

Toxic Mold 101, Randy Rakoczynski, P.E.
September 26 1:30 p.m. EDT
The presentation will deal with an introduction into the world of mold, which species of mold are "toxic" and how one goes about conducting a survey of suspected mold contamination and the options available to remediate mold problems in residential, commercial and industrial structures

E-Seals, E-Signatures & E-Mail: I Never Signed on the Dotted Line! 
October 12, 1:303:00 p.m. EDT   

Register Now!

EJCDC Contact Documents: Using and Understanding the EJCDC Engineering & Construction Documents- Funding Agency Edition
December 12, 1:303:00 PM EST

Learn best practices to better use the only pre-approved construction and engineering services contract documents for use on water and wastewater projects financed by the USDA/Rural Utilities Service. Register here.

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FREE NSPE Web Seminar Addresses Additional Education for Licensure

Changing the PE Paradigm...Additional Education for Professional Practice

October 24, 1:30-3:00 PM E.D.T

FREE! Web seminar presented by the NSPE Licensure & Qualifications for Practice Committee (L&QPC): 
 Register here FREE! (for NSPE members.)
Come be part of the discussion on additonal education in order to obtain licensure.

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NSPE Ethics Forum - Protection of the Public Health and Safety

NSPE Web Seminars: Ethics Forum
Protection of the Public Health and Safety

Session 1: September 13, 12:30–1:30 PM E.D.T.

Sustainable Development and the Environment

Session 2: October 18, 12:30–1:30 PM E.D.T.

Professional Competence and Qualifications for Practice

Session 3: November 15, 12:30–1:30 PM E.S.T.

Honesty and Integrity in Professional Practice

Register today!

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Contact the PEC Executive Board

PEC 2006-07 Executive Board Roster

Arthur DeWit, P.E., F.NSPE
Lake Havasu, AZ

Immediate Past Chair
E. Terence Foster, Ph.D., P.E., F.NSPE
Omaha, NE

Leonard "Bud" Darby, P.E.
Alexandria, VA

Northeast Region Vice Chair
Jon Drosendahl, P.E.
Glenshaw, PA
North Central Region Vice Chair
James Goedert, Ph.D., P.E.
Omaha, NE
Southeast Region Vice Chair
James Neff, P.E.
Gainesville, FL
Southwest Region Vice Chair 

Central Region Vice Chair
Carl Meglan, P.E.
Pickney, MI

Western and Pacific Region Vice Chair
William Beery, P.E.
Hilo, HI

PEC Staff Liaison
Kim Granados, CAE

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Muskegon Construction Company
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Office of Richard W. Rauseo, P.E.
Opus Corporation
Owen-Ames-Kimball Company
P B S & J
Paric Corporation
Parsons Brinkerhoff Construction Services, Inc.
Patriot Building Company
Paul J. Gallo Contracting, Inc.
Pembroke Construction Company, Inc.
Peter Basso Associates, Inc.
PFS Corporation
Riverso Associates, Inc.
Rohde, Soyka & Andrews Consulting Engineers, P.C.
Roosien & Associates PLLC
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Schoor DePalma Inc.
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Sioux Falls Construction Co.
Skanska USA Building Inc.
Slattery Skanska, Inc.
Snyder Electric Company, Inc.
Sparwick Contracting Inc.
SpawGlass Contractors, Inc.
Stansell Electric Company, Inc,
State Utility Contractors, Inc.
Statewide Aquastore, Inc
Stephen A. Estrin & Co., Inc.
Stires Associates, P.A.
T.A. Loving Co.
Tamrio, Inc.
The Crom Corporation
Thornton-Tomasetti Group, Inc.
Thorson Baker & Associates, Inc.
Trade Construction Company, L.L.C.
Transbay Fire Protection, Inc.
Trumbull Corporation
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