E-news for the Construction Division March 2008

Support PEC: Become a 2008 Sustaining Firm

Your support is needed for the efforts of the Professional Engineers in Construction as we strive to promote the hard-earned PE designation and enhance the image of the PE in construction.  We are asking you to solicit your company to be a 2008 PEC Sustaining Firm.

As a supporter you will also ensure that the voice of construction engineers is heard loud and clear and enable PEC initiatives-in-progress to continue, such as:

  • The PEC Knowledge Initiative–Web-based seminars on the hottest issues in construction. PEC Sustaining Firms will receive one complimentary registration to one of our 2007- 08 Web seminars;

  • Support of universities, such as the University of Nebraska, who have construction degree programs. It is hoped that this support, in letters and phone calls, will lead to more EAC/ABET-accredited construction programs and highlight the need for more construction-centric training of engineers;

  • Involvement with ASCE and NCEES to create a construction module on the 2008 Civil Engineering PE exam; and

  • The George B. Hightower, P.E., Memorial Fellowship Fund to annually honor an outstanding engineering graduate student.

By being a PEC Sustaining Firm, your company will be listed on the PEC Web page with a link to your Web site. The site receives over 3,000 hits a month and is a great asset for your firm. In addition, your company name will appear as a PEC Sustaining Firm in PE Magazine, NSPE's monthly engineering news magazine. You will also receive a plaque to display in your office.

Join today and ensure the PEC initiatives-in-progress continue.

You can also support PEC by letting us know what products and services we can develop to help you stay successful! E-mail your suggestions to pec@nspe.org. Thank you for your support!


Donn Zang, P.E., F.NSPE
project leader on behalf of the
Membership & Sustaining Firms Project Team



Hightower Fellowship Awards $3,000 to Graduate Student

The George B. Hightower, P.E., Fellowship is awarded annually to either a current engineering student or a graduate from an ABET-accredited engineering program. NSPE's Professional Engineers in Construction established the George B. Hightower, P.E., Fellowship in recognition of the contributions that Hightower made to the construction engineering profession. Hightower's dedication to professionalism, ethics, and construction engineering led him to serve as a founding member and the first national chair of PEC.

Visit the NSPE Web site for more information and an application

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The Roadmap to BIM 2008

A number of notable milestones transpired in 2007 to set the stage:

  • National BIM Standard was issued by the National Institute of Building Sciences,

  • The Contractor`s Guide to BIM was issued by The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC),

  • The Corps of Engineers, GSA, NASA, NAVFAC and the USGC are in full swing with federal BIM mandates,

  • A number of high-profile private owners have adopted BIM 100%,

  • Recognition of the opportunity to facilitate sustainable design (green building) into the building model, and

  • Software tools have reached a new level of maturity with measurable productivity returns.

Roadmap to BIM 2008 will help you identify and formulate your Building Information Modeling strategy and potential benefits, from reduced change orders, increased prefabrication, improved schedules, lower net costs and risks, lower compliance costs, lower operating costs, and new business opportunities. Learn from the pros and ask your questions at the end of each session.

Roadmap to BIM 2008 Audioconferences

April 2
BIM Risk Factors: Divergent Views of Risks by Owners, Designers and Contractors; Determining Where The Risks Are, Contract Language Considerations and Adapting BIM to Current Contract
Delivery Methods. BIM has the potential to reduce risks and costs throughout the entire facility life cycle; this session will discuss how the owner, A/E, and contractor currently perceive shifts in responsibilities, risks, and costs.

Special NSPE member discount prices:        
$149 a site each session,  
$193 for session plus CD,  
$171 for CD only.  
Best deal! - $596 for all five plus CD.  

Click here for more information and to register.  PDH certificates will be sent on request. For more information, contact Patti Wysocki at WPL Publishing.

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A Guide to Integrated Project Delivery

According to the American Institute of Architects, Integrated Project Delivery leverages early contributions of knowledge and expertise through the use of new technologies, allowing all team members to better realize their highest potentials while expanding the value they provide throughout the project lifecycle.

Not all agree that this delivery method is the way to go. Some have stated that IPD can be more costly and does not give the design professional the appropriate roles and responsibilities.

Download the AIA Integrated Project Delivery Guide to better understand the principles of IPD, understand the value propositionof of IPD from the perspective of various stakeholders, and discern subtle differences between possible models for IPD.

If you are interested in joining a discussion on Integrated Project Delivery or would like to express your opinions on the subject, please contact Kim Granados, Director of NSPE Interest Groups.

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Free PEC Seminar on New NCEES Construction Depth Module

FINALLY! The Web seminar that was offered live, free of charge, as a collaboration of NSPE/PEC and NCEES is now available as a free online product. "Improving the Professional Engineering Process for Construction Engineers" is linked from the PEC Web page and the licensure section.


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Construction Fast Facts

Did You Know. . .

That you will pay NO filing fee when you initiate a construction mediation with the AAA?

In addition, the AAA offers full-service, local mediation case administration in its four Case Management Centers and 23 Regional Offices. These changes are part of a broader initiative that significantly enhances the Association's mediation services.

Below are additional facts about mediation and the AAA's mediation services:

  • Mediation generally results in a mutually negotiated settlement 80 percent of the time.

  • The AAA has been offering mediation services to the construction industry since the 1960s, giving the association the most extensive construction mediation experience of any ADR provider.

  • The AAA has almost 350 neutrals with construction mediation experience, including contractors, architects, engineers, and attorneys specializing in construction matters.

  • Approximately 72 percent of the AAA's construction mediators have an average of 13 years of mediation experience in general and/or mediating construction cases in particular.

  • Approximately one-third of the AAA's construction mediators have each conducted over 100 mediations.

  • The AAA offers a wide range of dispute resolution options beyond mediation-such as partnering, dispute review boards, and, of course, arbitration-that provide a system of comprehensive construction dispute resolution services.

To search the AAA's list of construction mediators, go to http://www.adr.org

For more information about the AAA's construction mediation services, contact customer service at 1-800-778-7879 or by e-mail at Websitemail@adr.org

For other Construction Fast Facts, click here

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Free NEES Webinar on Seismic Performance of Bridge Systems

Seismic Performance of Bridge Systems with Conventional and Innovative Designs is a 90 minute online web seminar highlighting new NEES research and its practical implications. University of Nevada, Reno, Professor Mehdi "Saiid" Saiidi and Michael Keever of the California Department of Transportation will explain:

* How bridge components were tested at various facilities, and results were aggregated through hybrid testing technologies

* How soil-structure effects at the footings and the abutments

* Abutment-superstructure interaction and its effect on bridge piers

* The relative performance of components, bridge piers, and bridge systems

* The effectiveness of new fiber composite piers and column plastic hinges

* How the bridge model performed relative to current design assumptions and philosophies

You can participate in this training session via WebEx at noon E.D.T and again at noon P.D.T on Tuesday, March 25, or download the broadcast at any point after that date. To participate, you must preregister at www.nees.org.

This session is cosponsored by the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) and the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI).

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2007-08 PEC Executive Board

James Goedert, Ph.D., P.E.
University of Nebraska 
Omaha, NE

Immediate Past Chair
Arthur DeWit, P.E., F.NSPE
Baete Forseth HVAC 
Lake Havasu, AZ

David Hunley, P.E.
Connico Inc. 
Burlington, KY

Paul Bakken, P.E.
Utility Engineering Corp. 
Centennial, CO
Northeast Region Vice Chair
Jon Drosendahl, P.E.
Glenshaw, PA
North Central Region Vice Chair
Paul Harmon, P.E.
University of Nebraska 
Lincoln, NE
Southeast Region Vice Chair
James Harper, P.E.
Hillsborough County PWD 
Tampa, FL
Southwest Region Vice Chair
Thomas L. Paxson, P.E. 
Pax-Sun, Inc. 
Lufkin, TX

Central Region Vice Chair
Carl Meglan, P.E.
Meglan Company Inc.
Columbus, OH

Western & Pacific Region Vice Chair
David Shields, Ph.D., P.E.
University of Nebraska 
Henderson, NV

PEC Staff Liaisons:
Kim Granados, CAE

Erin Reyes

PEC Homepage 

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