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Give your job posting more exposure! The NSPE Job Board is your resource for professional engineering employment. Post your job in just minutes and gain access to hundreds of the most qualified prospective employees. NSPE-PEC members will receive an additional 20% discount on our member Job Board rates until July 1. For more information, contact Chris Tilley at 703-684-2891.

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U.S. Water Infrastructure Needs Seen as Urgent

By Jim Christie

The nation's water infrastructure is in urgent need of repair. Out of sight, water infrastructure remained largely out of mind for U.S. policymakers in the federal economic stimulus effort. The $787 billion program allotted less than $10 billion for drinking and wastewater projects.

In Western states where epic water projects from the mid-1900s helped propel growth, many policymakers were likewise underwhelmed by stimulus spending for water works. California, the most populous state, is receiving less than $1 billion for water projects and the money will not fund the kind of engineering feats that cross hundreds of miles to sustain coastal population centers with water from distant mountains and a handful of rivers, which water-issues researcher Peter Gleick applauds.

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Meet NSPE in St.Louis


The 2009 NSPE Annual Meeting will have a new format this year. All education sessions will be held on Sunday, July 19. The day will be filled with numerous networking opportunities, opportunity to earn up to seven professional development hours on issues affecting the engineering profession and NSPE, and even lunch with a guest speaker–all for only $99!

Register today to save! Join your fellow engineers July 15–19 in St. Louis and help NSPE celebrate our 75th anniversary. Visit the NSPE Web site to learn more and to access the registration form.

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Keeping Your Strengths From Becoming Weaknesses

The career path of a professional engineer is often filled with opportunities to use his or her strengths and talents to rise to any challenge and become a good leader. But is it possible that some individuals are hindering their growth by relying too heavily on their strengths?

Dan Ryan, a senior consultant for the Human Capital Group, believes that an overdependence on strengths is preventing many people from becoming better leaders, particularly in a time when organizations are faced with unprecedented challenges that may need unique solutions.

When times are easy going, people tend to try something new, but difficult times don’t encourage venturing into the unknown. Engineers often display strong analytical and problem solving skills, which can overshadow their soft skills. “If you’re under the gun and you know there’s a way that you can get something done, you’re going to revert to where you feel the most comfortable or the area where you know you are the strongest,” he says. “For people that are technically gifted, they typically become very analytical and very tactical in how they approach things.”

Strength preferences are often revealed when dealing with people and conflicts. Good leadership requires the ability to effectively deal with conflicts and negotiate resolutions. Ryan says that these situations show whether someone is stronger in developing relationships or obtaining results. In tough situations, some people are more interested in preserving a relationship rather than focusing on the outcome. “Likewise, some people are so results-oriented that they don’t care who they step on in order to get results,” says Ryan. “Neither is right or wrong. But you need to understand which area is more important.”

The first step to overcoming your strengths and improving your development is to become self-aware. Several tools can help. The simplest tool is to seek feedback and listen well. “An effective leader is always seeking feedback,” says Ryan. “It’s not that they are always going to try to make people happy, but they need to seek to understand how others view what they are doing.”

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2008-09 PEC Executive Board

James Goedert, Ph.D., P.E.
University of Nebraska 
Omaha, NE

Immediate Past Chair
Arthur DeWit, P.E., F.NSPE
Baete Forseth HVAC 
Lake Havasu, AZ

David Hunley, P.E.
Connico Inc. 
Burlington, KY

Paul Bakken, P.E.
Utility Engineering Corp. 
Centennial, CO
Northeast Region Vice Chair
Jon Drosendahl, P.E.
Glenshaw, PA
North Central Region Vice Chair
Paul Harmon, P.E.
University of Nebraska 
Lincoln, NE
Southeast Region Vice Chair
James Harper, P.E.
Hillsborough County PWD 
Tampa, FL
Southwest Region Vice Chair
Thomas L. Paxson, P.E., F.NSPE 
Pax-Sun, Inc. 
Lufkin, TX

Central Region Vice Chair
Carl Meglan, P.E.
Meglan Company Inc.
Columbus, OH

Western & Pacific Region Vice Chair
David Shields, Ph.D., P.E.
University of Nebraska 
Henderson, NV

PEC Staff Liaison:
Erin Reyes

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