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NSPE-PEG Names 2006 Federal Engineer of the Year

The twenty-seventh FEYA luncheon took place at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on February 23. Twenty-four federal agency winners were recognized for their engineering achievements. NSPE-PEG's judges selected the top 10 engineers and the Federal Engineer of the Year, John Cardarelli II, Ph.D., P.E. 


Below are the 10 agency winners. Their biographies and a press release can be viewed from the NSPE Web site.

Indian Health Service - Christopher P. Brady, P.E.
Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Office - Wendy A. Cain, P.E.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - John Cardarelli, II, Ph.D., P.E.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Col. Duane P. Gapinski, P.E.
U.S. Air Force - Daryl Hammond, P.E.
Tennessee Valley Authority - Michael R. Ingram, P.E.
U.S. Air Force  - Capt. David B. Novy, P.E.
Food and Drug Administration - CDR Stephen P. Rhodes, EIT
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers - Larry J. Smith, P.E., F.ASCE
Naval Facilities Engineering Command - Leighton Wong, P.E.

PEG Chair's Quarterly Report

Since the Winter Meeting, PEG conducted one conference call on February 10. Another conference call is scheduled for March 24.

PEG’s newest Webcast, An Owner’s Guide to Performance Contracting, was presented on March 16. The presenters were Paul Bowers, P.E., BCEE, PEG chair; Bill Storie, Siemens; Scott F. Smith, P.E., Wendel Duchscherer; and James I. Johnson, P.E., Assistant Town Engineer, Amherst, New York. This seminar will soon be available for purchase from the NSPE Products and Services catalog. The price for members will be $129 and for nonmembers $159. PEG is planning the development of its third Webcast concerning transportation issues.

PEG received seven nominations for the PEGASUS award. The judges are currently reviewing the nominations.

PEG’s first Webcast, How to Market Your Services to Local Government, which was originally presented in spring 2005, is now available for sale from the NSPE Products and Services catalog.

PEG organized the Order of the Engineer ceremony, which was held at the NSPE Winter Meeting on January 21. Eight members were inducted into the Order of the Engineer.

Monthly editions of PEG E-News continue and various updates to the PEG Web site have been made.

The twenty-seventh FEYA awards ceremony was held at the National Press Club on February 23. CDR John Cardarelli II, Ph.D., P.E., a health physicist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency working on important issues of public health research, has been named the NSPE 2006 Federal Engineer of the Year.

The Management Study Fellowship Scholarship received five nominations. Judging is in progress.

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Another Webinar to Become Available for Engineer Resources

Energy performance guarantee contracting is a form of project delivery that has filled a need where capital program needs are greater than the agency’s budget. The goal is to buy as much construction as possible through money saved in conserving energy. Performance contracting objectives include operational savings to fund strategic improvements, generate positive cash flow, while initiating a comprehensive maintenance contract. Reduction in the use of energy also reduces environmental effects as well as costs.

Thanks to Paul Bowers, P.E., BCEE, chair of PEG for organizing and moderating this excellent seminar.  The speakers for the Energy Performance Contract seminar were Bill Storie, Siemens; Scott F. Smith, P.E., Wendel Duchscherer; and James I. Johnson, P.E., Assistant Town Engineer, Amherst, New York.

The Webinar will soon be available for purchase through the NSPE Products and Services catalog.

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Marketing Engineering Services to Local Government

View the 60-minute presentation, How to Market Your Engineering Services to Local Government, which provides valuable insight into the process of marketing your engineering services to local government, including the differences between state and federal government; how to prepare your presentation; how to approach your client; tips for the face-to-face meeting; developing your portfolio, enhancing your presentation; what to consider during contract negotiations; and pointers for working together during the project. The knowledgeable panel bring their considerable experience to the presentation.

The presentation is offered on-demand for online viewing. Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer 5 or above are required for viewing this presentation.

NSPE Members $129; Nonmembers $159

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PEG Has Extended the Call for Executive Board Nominations

View our present board, and contact the individual holding the position for which you would like to volunteer. The following positions need to be filled:

North Central Region
Western and Pacific Region
Central Region
Young Engineer Representative

For more information on the duties or to forward your nominations contact Practice Division Manager Marcia Prichard.

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State PEG Representatives Let Your Voice Be Heard

NSPE-PEG invites state PEG representatives to participate on the PEG Executive Board conference calls. We need your input in developing programs that benefit all PEG members. 

Contact Marcia Prichard, Practice Division manager, to be added to the roster. The executive board meets by conference call every six weeks for an hour.

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NSPE Accepts Mentor of the Year Nominations

The Mentor of the Year Award is given each year to the one member of NSPE who best exemplifies the ideal image of a mentor. The award may be given to an individual who has established a record of consistent outreach toward individuals in the engineering field, including engineering professionals and students, over a number of years.

This award can also be received by an individual who has contributed to the support or development of mentoring programs within their company or in the engineering community. The ideal candidate should have a record of achievement in offering guidance to and fostering development among engineering professionals.

The deadline to submit a nomination is March 31.

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Take the 2006 Ethics Challenge

NSPE’s Board of Ethical Review, through the 2006 NSPE Milton F. Lunch Ethics Contest is furnishing you with a real situation that involves a government engineer who has been offered gifts from time-to-time from consulting engineering companies and contractors. Given the facts, you are asked questions about the ethics of the engineer.

Contestants are encouraged to read and discuss the facts of the case and answer the questions. Then contestants are to develop discussion and conclusions, using the format of the NSPE Board of Ethical Review. Contestants are also to give references, citing only specific sections of the NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers. Other materials should not be cited. (Downloadable formats of the NSPE Code and a sample BER case (demonstrating the format) are available. Contestants may also want to visit the National Institute for Engineering Ethics for additional cases decided by the BER.

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NSPE Education Offerings

Trends in Construction Professionalism
April 19, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. E.D.T.
What are the key pieces of information and trends in construction as an industry? What does this information tell about what engineers can expect to see in the future and how that might shape, grow, and influence the professional status of their business? E. Terry Foster, a professor on the graduate faculty at the University of Nebraska College of Engineering, will help answer these questions and others.

National Chief Financial Officer's Roundtable
Alexandria, Virginia, May 4-6

The Ethics of Gifts: Drawing the Line
May 8, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. E.D.T.

Construction Arbitration & Construction Mediation
May 9, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. E.D.T.

To register for these seminars, visit the NSPE Web site.

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Experts Share Skills and Advice on Engineering Careers

In Engineer Your Way to Success, America’s top engineers from organizations like Eastman Kodak, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, IBM, AT&T, Boyle Engineering, Sverdrup Corporation, and the University of Texas tell what skills are needed for a successful engineering career and share their personal advice on what they look for when hiring and considering promotions.

This book is like no other career book—it’s engineer specific. Whether an engineering student or an experienced engineer, Engineer Your Way to Success is the best book you can get for yourself, your employees, or engineers who want to enhance their careers.

To purchase a copy of this book for yourself or a young engineer, visit the NSPE Products and Services catalog.

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Events Calendar

March State MATHCOUNTS Competitions

March 31 NSPE Mentor of the Year Award Nominations Due

April 9-13 50th NACE Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan

April 14 2006 NSPE Milton F. Lunch Ethics Contest Entries Due

May 11-14 2006 National MATHCOUNTS Competition, Arlington, Virginia

May 21-27 National Public Works Week

May 30 - June 2 SAME National Conference, New Orleans 

July 6-8 Annual Convention, Boston, Massachusetts

July 8  Order of the Engineer Induction, Boston, Massachusetts

July 8-10 NSPE Governance Meetings, Boston Massachusetts

October 10  Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day

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Because Every Life is Precious

Slow Down

Check out Road Trip America's rules for defensive driving. Among the 70 rules for safe driving:

Rule 4: Don't Speed  

Rule 24: Slow Down in Rain and Snow

Rule 52: Slow Down Approaching Intersections

All provide excellent information about why you should slow down.

Think before you act. Your life depends on it.

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2005-06 PEG Executive Board Contact Information

Paul M. Bowers, P.E.
Town Engineer
Town of Amherst

Immediate Past Chair
Majella D. Stevenson, P.E.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy, BRAC

Scott E. Nodes, P.E., P.T.O.E.
City Traffic Engineer
City of Peoria

Majella D. Stevenson, P.E.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy, BRAC
Northeast Region Vice Chair
Russell G. Martin, P.E.
Program Director
Maine Department of Human Services
Division of Health Engineering

Southeast Region Vice Chair
Julius C. Stafford, P.E.
City Safety and Regulations Engineer
City of Richmond

Central Region Vice Chair
Joellen C. Thompson, P.E.
Assistant Water System Manager

Southwest Region Vice Chair
Manuela (Nellie) Gomez Shannon, P.E.       
Assistant Director of Public Works
City of San Antonio

Western and Pacific Region Vice Chair

North Central Region Vice Chair
Daniel G. Miller, P.E.                              
Supervisory Civil Engineer
Department of Public Works
City of Overland Park

Young Engineer Representative
Dwight L. Williams, Ph.D., P.E.

Young Engineer Representative
Michael Yee
Fleet and Industrial Supply Center

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