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Why Become a Member of the Order of the Engineer?

Nellie Shannon, P.E., CFM, PEG Southwest Regional Vice Chair
On May 4, 2007, the Texas Society of Professional Engineers’ Bexar Chapter Professional Engineers in Government provided training and an opportunity for 22 of our San Antonio area engineers to be inducted into the Order of the Engineer.  According to TSPE President Richard Liesse, this was the largest number of inductees in one ring ceremony conducted by TSPE.  Included were eight of Texas Department of  Transportation’s San Antonio District engineers.  These engineers proudly committed themselves to the obligation of an engineer as part of the Order of the Engineer.

The Order fosters a spirit of pride and responsibility in the engineering profession.  It presents to the public a visible symbol of identifying an engineer.  The symbol is a ring worn on the fifth finger of the working hand by engineers who have accepted the obligation of an engineer in a ring ceremony.  The ring signifies the engineers’ pledge to practice integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect, and to uphold to the standards and dignity of the profession.

So, why go through the ceremony when the professional engineering license legally binds each engineer to practice ethically? The ceremony and the ring show to the public the obligation and pride an engineer has in his or her profession. The engineer publicly voices his obligations to a group of professional peers who witness the ceremony.

The ceremony is most befitting those of us who have chosen to be public servants in our profession.  As engineers in government, we are held to a higher standard because we directly hold the public’s trust in providing the best public projects.  Our projects directly impact each citizen daily; therefore, our obligation is to practice ethically and with integrity to the highest standards of protecting the health, safety, property, and welfare of the public

As the Southwest Vice Chair for NSPE-PEG, it has been one of my dreams to see each PEG engineer join the Order of the Engineer and proudly show his or her commitment to our profession.  Also, as a Texas Department of Transportation engineer, I have been encouraging my fellow TxDOT engineers to consider joining the Order and becoming active in PEG.

 The Order has no meetings, no dues; it is a onetime ceremony and a purchase of a stainless ring at nominal cost, but the pride of the Order is one we can live with everyday in the practice of our profession.

NOTE:  PEG has coordinated an Order of the Engineer Ceremony and breakfast during the NSPE Annual Conference for several years.  We will do it again in Portland on Friday morning, July 25, 2008.  Look for details as we get closer to the event. 

Federal Engineer of the Year Award Ceremony February 21

Honor the Federal Engineer of the Year by attending the ceremony and luncheon on February 21, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  Ticket order forms are available to the NSPE Web site.  See the top ten FEYA finalists

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Nominate Top Government Engineers for PEGASUS Award

The Professional Engineers in Government administers the annual PEGASUS (Professional Engineers in Government– Service in the United States) Award program. The PEGASUS Award recognizes the engineer who has made the most outstanding contribution to the advancement and practice of engineering.

The PEGASUS Award winner is selected by a panel of judges who will consider
• Civic and Humanitarian Activities
• Education (Formal & Continuing)
• Engineering Achievements
• Professional and Technical Society Activities
• Licensure

Please forward
candidate nomination formsto NSPE PEG by February 22. [ return to top ]

25th Annual New Product Award Call for Entries

Do you know of a process, machine, or material developed in the U.S. that improves the public’s standard of living? If so, it may be eligible for the 25th Annual PEI New Product Award competition.

Winning products will be honored with the PEI New Product Award crystal and are entitled to use the coveted PEI New Product Award logo. Winners will also be recognized in a “Winners' Circle” ad in PE magazine, in NSPE online and print communications, and through significant media coverage. All 2008 PEI New Product Award entrants will have the opportunity to showcase their product during the NSPE Annual Conference and will receive two complimentary tickets to the PEI New Product Award presentation. Submit your entry by February 15, 2008! For an application and list of past NPA winners, visit the PEI New Product Award Web site. [ return to top ]

Roadmap to BIM 2008

The Roadmap to BIM 2008 an A-to-Z view of features, benefits, best practices and corporate strategy!

A number of notable milestones transpired in 2007 to set the stage:

  • National Building Information Modeling Standard was issued by the National Institute of Building Sciences,

  • The Contractor's Guide to BIM was issued by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC),

  • The Corps of Engineers, GSA, NASA, NAVFAC and the USGC are in full swing with federal BIM mandates,

  • A number of high profile private owners have adapted BIM 100%,

  • Recognition of the opportunity to facilitate sustainable design (green building) into the building model, and

  • Software tools have reached a new level of maturity with measurable productivity returns.

Roadmap to BIM 2008 will help you identify and formulate your building information modeling strategy and potential benefits, from reduced change orders, increased prefabrication, improved schedules, lower net costs and risks, lower compliance costs, lower operating costs, and new business opportunities. Learn from the pros and ask your questions at the end of each session.

Roadmap to BIM 2008 Audioconferences

February 1
Productivity Benefits of BIM: How Private Owners Are Driving the Industry What is it, who benefits, where's the ROI? 

February 20
BIM in Public Building: The GSA and Corps of Engineers BIM Initiatives. What GSA and other public agencies are doing to jump start the BIM process. Successes to date and new program developments. 

March 5
Contractor Implementation: Industry Consultants Discuss Considerations and Best Practices for Contractors, CMs and Design Builders Ready to Take the Plunge. Shared or separate models; from the designer, design/builder and contractor perspectives. Technology tools and investments. Management strategies.

March 19
Contractors on the Forefront: Three Contractors Reveal Their BIM Successes and Failures

April 2
BIM Risk Factors: Divergent Views of Risks by Owners, Designers and Contractors; Determining Where The Risks Are, Contract Language Considerations and Adapting BIM to Current Contract
Delivery Methods. BIM has the potential to reduce risks and costs throughout the entire facility life cycle; this session will discuss how the owner, A/E and contractor currently perceive shifts in responsibilities, risks and costs.

Special NSPE member discount prices          

  • $149 a site each session,  
  • $193 for session plus CD,   
  • $171 for CD only.   
  • Best deal! - $596 for all five plus CD.  

Click here for more information and to register.  PDH certificates will be sent on request. For more information, contact Patti Wysocki at WPL Publishing.

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Take the 2008 Milton F. Lunch Ethics Contest Challenge

Entries are due April 18

All current NSPE individual members, NSPE state societies, and NSPE chapters (including student chapters) are invited to participate in the 2008 NSPE Milton F. Lunch Ethics Contest. Here's your opportunity to match your wits with experienced PEs and engineering students throughout the country!

Contestants are encouraged to analyze the facts of a real situation involving the ethical obligation of an engineer when a client fails to obtain necessary building permits and code approvals. Contestants must discuss and develop conclusions about the ethics of the engineer in the case using the format of the NSPE Board of Ethical Review. Entries must be 750 words or less and must be received at NSPE Headquarters by Friday, April 18, 2008.

The winning entry will receive a certificate, recognition in PE magazine, and an award of $1,000 ($500 to the NSPE state society or NSPE chapter and $500 divided among the authors) provided by NSPE and the NSPE Educational Foundation.

Judges will decide the winner based on the quality of the entry in form and presentation, demonstration of understanding of the implications concerning ethical or unethical behavior, and comprehensive analysis of the case and arguments supporting the conclusions.

The contest is named for NSPE’s former general counsel who played a key role in the founding of the NSPE Board of Ethical Review.

Please visit the http://www.nspe.org/Ethics/EthicsResources/MiltonLunch/index.html for additional information or to download a contest flyer in PDF format. [ return to top ]

ACEC-NSPE QBS Awards Program Seeks Nominations

The ACEC-NSPE QBS Awards Program was established by NSPE to recognize public agencies that make exemplary use of the QBS selection process at the state and local level. Since its inception, the program has expanded to include submissions from private sector entities. ACEC has partnered with NSPE in this program, and the two associations alternate in hosting the annual program.

More information of the QBS Awards Program can be found on the NSPE Web site. [ return to top ]

Events Calendar

NSPE Calendar 

21 Federal Engineer of the Year Award Ceremony, Washington, D.C.
22 PEGASUS nominations due

Management Study Fellowship Application due
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2007-08 PEG Executive Board Contact Information

Russell G. Martin, P.E., F.NSPE 
Program Director
Maine Department of Human Services
Division of Health Engineering

Immediate Past Chair
Scott E. Nodes, P.E., P.T.O.E.
Transportation Engineering Manager Arizona Dept of Transportation

Tim Madhanagopal, P.E., BCEE , F.NSPE
Plant Manager
Orange County Utilities


John Cardarelli II, Ph.D., P.E.
US Environmental Protection Agency

US Public Health Service/Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Northeast Region Vice Chair
Louise Carosi Doyle, P.E. 
Associate Engineer
Weschester County Health Dept

Southeast Region Vice Chair
Julius C. Stafford, P.E.
City Safety and Regulations Engineer
City of Richmond

Central Region Vice Chair
Diane M. Carlson, P.E.


Southwest Region Vice Chair
Manuela (Nellie) Gomez Shannon, P.E.
Assistant Director of Public Works
City of San Antonio

Western and Pacific Region Vice Chair
Michael Simpson, P.E.

North Central Region Vice Chair
Gary J. Pendergrass, P.E., RG

Young Engineer Representative
Todd S. Rastorfer, P.E.
Civil Engineer
US Army Corps of Engineers

Young Engineer Representative 


State Representatives:
Daniel G. Miller, P.E. - KS
Todd Rastorfer
, P.E. - NM Richard W. Lenz, P.E.- NY
Robert B. Darby, P.E. - UT
Ali M. Mustapha, P.E. - LA
Diane M. Carlson, P.E. - MI
Telesphor L. Charland, P.E. - VA
Jesse R. Guerra Jr., P.E. - TX

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