NSPE Gateway to Government December 11, 2008
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PEG to Nominate a Member for NSPE Fellow

The PEG Executive Board is asking for nominations for the NSPE Fellow Program.  This national program is intended to recognize deserving professional engineers who have demonstrated long-term professional service at the chapter, state, and national levels of NSPE.  The NSPE Board of Directors established the fellow recognition program to honor those licensed members who have demonstrated exemplary service to the profession, the Society, and the community.

Involvement in NSPE must include holding at least one elected office at the chapter, state, or national level and must also include service at the national level of NSPE in order for nominees to be considered.  National-level service can include a number of activities such as committee/task force chair or member. While it is desirable to have held an office at the national level, importance is placed on long-term active involvement.  The Council of Fellows Executive Committee endeavors to treat each nomination on its own merits and tries not to restrict itself by generating a list of activities that would qualify.

It is desirable that nominees exhibit continuing effort over years in NSPE involvement, professional activities, and community involvement.

To learn more about the requirements and to download a nomination form go to the NSPE Web site or contact Marcia Prichard at mprichard@nspe.org.

Deadline for PEG nominations is January 5.  Send your completed nominations to:

Marcia Prichard
1420 King St
Alexandria, VA  22314

The PEG Fellows Nomination Committee will review the nominations and send the top candidate on to the NSPE Council of Fellows Executive Committee.

Note:  This nomination will not count against the number of nominations allocated to the state.

PEG Board Member to Help Develop Nationwide High School Program

Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation Director Enrique C. Zaldivar of city of Los Angeles announced the appointment of Senior Environmental Engineer Michael Simpson, P.E. to a special task force to develop a nationwide program to educate young people about the public works industry. The American Public Works Association is sponsoring this program in a continued effort to reach high school students and provide them with a wide range of opportunities to explore the field of public works. 

“Simpson joins a team of five top public professionals in the United States and Canada who are serving as subject matter experts, providing feedback and guiding development,” said Zaldivar.  “He was selected for this project because of his long time affiliation with and contributions to the City’s Sewer Science Program.”  

To find out more about Simpson’s appointment and the task force go to the Los Angeles Public Works Web site.

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Support the PEG Management Study Fellowship

The fellowship was developed by NPSE/PEG in response to a concern that practicing engineers are being overlooked for promotion to management positions due to the lack of formal credentials.  This fellowship is intended to afford qualified engineers the opportunity to expand their talents to their utmost capabilities. The Professional Engineers in Government, funds and administers the PEG Management Study Fellowship.

This fellowship in the amount of $2,500 is awarded to an engineer pursuing advanced studies in business administration, engineering management, or public administration.  It is available to engineer interns or licensed professional engineers from any discipline.

PEG has provided an endowment for this fellowship, but is seeking donations to make sure that this fellowship is funded well into the future.  Click here to find out how to make a tax deductible-donation.

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Online Courses Now on Sale

Offerings of online, prerecorded sessions include the PEG-sponsored seminar on community and media relations and on-demand Web seminars include everything from ethics to management skills.  Take a look at this partial list:

• Client/Consultant Relationships: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly 
• Building Information Modeling (1.5 PDH * NY State Approved)
• Earned Value Management: An Introduction
• Integrating Trenchless Technology (1.5 PDH * NY State Approved)
• Toxic Mold: Identification, Recognition, Measurement, Toxicity and Abatement (1.5 PDH * NY State Approved) 
• From Engineer to Manager to Leader: Tools to Advance your Career 
• Til Death Do us Part: Keeping Your Employees Engaged at Work  
• Introduction to Forensic Engineering (1.5 PDH * NY State Approved) 
• Ethics Forum: Engineering Ethics and the Law: PE as an Expert Witness (1.0 PDH * NY State Approved) 
• Ethics Forum: Engineering Ethics and the Law: Contract Documents and Procurement of Engineering Services (1.0 PDH * NY State Approved) 

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NeXt Generation of Leaders

Deborah Myers, Ph.D., E.I.




 Senior Assistant Engineer


I am actually a lieutenant (O-3) in the U.S. Public Health Service under the Department of Health and Human Services.  I am currently working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Cincinnati, Ohio as a research engineer. 

Been There: (# of years):

One year and three months

# of employees:

about 1400 employees (This includes Atlanta, Cincinnati, Spokane, Morgantown, Washington D.C., Pittsburg)

Previous Gigs:

While in graduate school, I was employed with the Birmingham Water Works Sewer Board in Alabama for two years as a pilot plant coordinator.  I ran a pipe loop study with water from the Birmingham distribution system.  The study examined the effectiveness of corrosion control practices (chloramines versus chlorine as a disinfectant) on 11 different water chemistry variations, including identifying which corrosion inhibitor was best in controlling the rate of corrosion in the pipes.

 Shortly after graduation, I started working at BE&K Government Group in Birmingham, Alabama as a project-manager-in-training and corporate environmental officer.  My job was to write stormwater pollution prevention and environmental protection plans.

How did you first get into engineering?

By accident!  I really wanted to be an architect, but the University of Alabama at Birmingham did not have that particular program.  So I picked the next best thing—civil and environmental engineering.  I absolutely fell in love with engineering.  I look back now and see I was born an engineer.  I would break my brother's calculators and other gadgets, and design my Barbie’s dream houses. 

If you weren’t an engineer you’d be ….

Ornithologist.  I absolutely love birds.  In fact, I have a picture of my pet bird, Seth, in my office!

What’s your peak experience as an engineer so far?

Working with colleagues on the effects of diacetyl and other flavorings in food production to workers.  Young workers in food production industries are developing an uncommon lung disease, bronchiolitis obliterans, from working around food flavorings.  To see the passion in my colleagues and their efforts to control flavoring exposures and help prevent the growing numbers of workers developing this disease has shown me that engineers can do a lot to protect the public's health.  I went from working in the water industry to construction to working with industry and reducing worker exposures to harmful chemicals.  It is amazing to know engineers can be used in about every field imaginable!

What do you value in the people you work with?

I value the people I work with very much.  I work with experts in a wide range of industries, such as control technology, hearing loss prevention, and aerosol research.  I have been very fortunate to work with my colleagues daily and to learn how their skills and dedication got them to become well renowned in their field of study. 

What do you think engineering firms need to do to attract younger generations into the engineering industry?

We are losing our engineers.  I think we lose them in school, throughout high school and college.  Engineering firms need to begin recruiting in high school when students are deciding what college they want to go to and what field to study.  Sparking the students' interest at this age is key. We also lose them in college when course work becomes difficult and when recruiting companies do not offer enough benefits.  The best thing companies can do is mentor young engineers.  The younger generation of engineers want to know they are helping the community in some way.  If the companies can show how their engineers service the community, maybe the number of engineers will increase again.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership to me means mentoring constantly and continuous learning.  Leaders should continue to mentor the members of their team.  And most of all, a leader should always be willing to learn something new and teach the lesson learned to others.

Leaders you admire?

I admire my mother, who is a retired captain of the United States Public Health Service and nurse practitioner.  She was the supervisor of a rural health clinic for many years before retiring.  I admire my team, branch, and division leaders.  They supervise many people and they always take time out to ask you how you are doing that day.  I also admire the President of the United States. 

Web site you can’t go a day without visiting 

MSN, because I can get a summary of the daily news in one page.

Something readers would be surprised to learn about you?

I used to be a dancer.  I traveled to Paris, France, in high school to perform at Disneyland Paris and had an opportunity to dance in Hawaii and Super Bowl XXXIV.

You wake up tomorrow as CEO of your firm—what’s the first thing you’d change?

I would probably introduce mentoring programs into the local middle and high schools. I would also try to find ways to increase the public's awareness of NIOSH since our goal is to perform research that protect the health of the workers.  We are often confused with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is a regulatory agency.

Finish this sentence: In 10 years, I will have…

A husband and children, my PE license, CIH certification, gone up in rank to commander (O-5), mentored young engineers and high school students interested in engineering, and published many reports on the effectiveness of engineering control technology to reduce workers’ exposures to occupational safety and health hazards, such as "lifeguard lung" from exposure to chloramines in indoor swimming pool facilities.

Book you can’t go a year without rereading?

The Bible and, for some reason my biostatistics book.  As a research engineer, understanding statistics is very very important because it tells you as the researcher and the audience if the results from your research are significant.

How do you strike a work/life balance?

At times it is hard find a balance between your personal life and work.  I make a point of never taking work home.  If I have a deadline, then I stay later to finish the assignment.  I know as my career progresses there may be times I will have to take work home but I am trying not to make it a habit now so it will not be hard to break later when I have a family.

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2009 New Product Award Call for Entries

Don't miss an opportunity to get national visibility for your product by entering the 26th Annual PEI New Product Award competition. The competition recognizes any process, machine, or material developed in the U.S. that improves the public's standard of living.

Winning products will be honored with the PEI New Product Award crystal and are entitled to use the coveted PEI New Product Award logo. Winners will also be recognized in a “Winners' Circle” ad in PE magazine, within NSPE's Web site and print communications, and through significant media coverage.

All 2009 PEI New Product Award entrants will have the opportunity to showcase their product during the 2009 NSPE Annual Conference in July.  Winners will receive two complimentary tickets to the PEI New Product Award presentation. Submit your entry by February 15, 2009! For an application and list of past NPA winners, visit the PEI New Product Award Web page.
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Events Calendar

NSPE Calendar  This calendar lists NSPE and state society education offerings, meetings, award deadlines, etc. 

Non-NSPE events of interest to government engineers

11-15 Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C.


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2008-09 PEG Executive Board Contact Information

Tim Madhanagopal, P.E., BCEE, F.NSPE
Plant Manager
Orange County Utilities

Immediate Past Chair
Russell G. Martin, P.E., F.NSPE 
Program Director
Maine Department of Human Services
Division of Health Engineering

Louise Carosi Doyle, P.E., F.NSPE 
Director of Engineering
Westchester Joint Water Work, NY



John Cardarelli II, Ph.D., P.E.
US Environmental Protection Agency US Public Health Service/Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Northeast Region Vice Chair
David Alan Janover, P.E.
Town Engineer
Islipp Terrace, NY

Southeast Region Vice Chair
Sandra Knight, P.E., F.NSPE, M.ASCE
Bradley County Engineer
Cleveland, TN

Central Region Vice Chair

Southwest Region Vice Chair
Todd S. Rastorfer, P.E.
Civil Engineer
US Army Corps of Engineers
New Mexico

Western and Pacific Region Vice Chair
Michael Simpson, P.E.

North Central Region Vice Chair
Gary J. Pendergrass, P.E., RG

Young Engineer Representative
D. Scott Wolf, P.E., LSIT
Transportation Engineer Project Delivery Team
Federal Highway Administration
Kentucky Division

Young Engineer Representative 


State Representatives:
Daniel G. Miller, P.E. - KS
Todd Rastorfer, P.E. - NM Richard W. Lenz, P.E.- NY
Robert B. Darby, P.E. - UT
Ali M. Mustapha, P.E. - LA
Diane M. Carlson, P.E. - MI
Richard Grossenbacher, P.E.
Richard H Nettleton P.E.- VA

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