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Get Your Company Listed in the NSPE/PEI Online Directory

Dear Engineer Executive: 

There has never been a better time to get exposure, and more business, for your company than now. By becoming a 2009 PEI Sustaining Sponsor, you will help to support the efforts of Professional Engineers in Industry (PEI) as we strive to promote the hard-earned professional engineer (PE) designation and enhance the image of the PE in Industry. 
As a 2009 PEI Sustaining Sponsor, your company will receive the following promotional privileges:

  • Company listing: Your company will be included in a searchable directory that includes a complete description of your company and link to your Web site.  NSPE’s Web site receives more than 75,000 user sessions per month.  All PEI Sustaining Sponsors are listed at: www.nspe.org/InterestGroups/PEI/Supporters/sustaining_sponsors.html

  • Valuable Discounts: 25% discount on ads in PE magazine, NSPE Update, NSPE Web banners, and job board postings.

  • Recognition: Listing in an issue of NSPE’s PE magazine (circulation is over 50,000) and in PEI E-News, a monthly electronic newsletter sent to more than 5,500 PEI members.

Your options to participate include the following:

SILVER  $150Company Listing. Includes company listing and link to company web site. NSPE’s Web site receives more than 75,000 user sessions per month. ($500 value)

GOLD  $250—Includes “Silver” package plus company logo advertisement in PEI E-News, a monthly newsletter delivered to more than 5,500 PEI members by e-mail. ($1,000 value)

PLATINUM $300—Includes “Gold” package plus company logo advertisement in PE magazine, NSPE’s premier magazine with a circulation over 50,000. ($1,550 value)

Please visit the PEI Sustaining Sponsor Web page to download a contribution form and/or to see a list of current sponsors. We appreciate your support and hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to help your business endeavors and fellow engineers in industry.  


John Wall, P.E.
2008-2009 PEI Chairman

2009 NPA Competition Deadline Extended to April 1


Don't miss an opportunity to get national visibility for your product by entering the 26th Annual PEI New Product Award competition. The competition recognizes any process, machine, or material developed in the U.S. that improves the public’s standard of living.

Winning products will be honored with the PEI New Product Award crystal and are entitled to use the coveted PEI New Product Award logo. Winners will also be recognized in a “Winner's Circle” ad in PE magazine, through NSPE's Web site and print communications, and through significant media coverage.

All 2009 PEI New Product Award entrants will have the opportunity to showcase their product during the NSPE Annual Conference in July. Winners will receive two complimentary tickets to the PEI New Product Award presentation.  Deadline to apply has been extended to April 1. For an application and list of past NPA winners, visit the PEI New Product Award Web page. [ return to top ]

New NSPE Member Benefits: Four Free PDHs and Engineer Salary Data

Last week, NSPE launched a new approach to an old member benefit: The comprehensive results of the NSPE Engineering Income and Salary Survey are now available for free to members who participate in the survey — a value of up to $600. Needless to say, this new benefit has been very well received by the members. In February alone, over 1,000 people completed the survey.

This week, NSPE is introducing another member benefit: Four Free PDHs. We’ve chosen to launch this program with four current and very popular ethics courses. At the usual retail price, these four PDHs are worth about $600.

Now, all members can earn four free professional development hours by taking four online seminars on ethics topics. These courses, which are $149 each for nonmembers, provide members with a significant savings and easy access to continuing education credit.

The courses are

  • Engineering Ethics and the Law: Contract Documents and Procurement of Engineering Services (ONL-009)
  • Engineering Ethics and the Law: Contract Documents, Intellectual Property & Professional Liability (ONL-012)
  • Engineering Ethics and the Law: The PE as an Expert Witness (ONL-013)
  • Ethical Engineering and Fair Trade: Conflicting Interests (ONL-018)

At the end of each seminar, a quiz will be available for those who need it to meet their state’s continuing education requirements. The seminars have also been approved for continuing education credit in New York.

To access the courses, visit www.nspe.org/Education/WebSeminars/index.html.

Just like the new salary survey benefit, the free PDHs are available simply when you pay your national dues. It’s a use-it-or-lose-it arrangement, with no carryovers for unused services. Each year, the clock starts when you pay your dues, and you get another year’s access and a new package of benefits.

New benefits worth $1,200 for $125 —  a good deal in these difficult economic times.

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How Does B+30 Affect You?

In 2006, NCEES adopted a change to the Model Law for professional engineers to require, after the year 2015, a bachelor's degree plus either 30 additional credits or a master's degree in engineering as a prerequisite for licensure as a professional engineer (B+30).  The model law serves to guide state licensing boards, however, each state must individually determine if and when they will adopt this model law change.

In order to educate members about B+30, NSPE conducted a free online Web seminar, "Changing the PE Paradigm in the Future: Additional Education for Professional Practice." This web seminar can be viewed under "Hot Topics" at

In addition, more information on the issue can be found by visiting NSPE's new blog written by NSPE President Brad Aldrich, P.E., F.NSPE, on the NSPE Web site. President Aldrich discusses his views and welcomes feedback on the topic.

You can also read about B+30 in an article titled "Who Will Ultimately Pay the Bill," written by Deborah Grubbe, P.E., an NSPE Member and an executive in the petroleum industry, in your March 2009 PE magazine. Grubbe reviews the stakeholders who will be affected by the decision to implement B+30 and why it is so important to include them in the process.   

The Professional Engineers in Industry would like your opinion about B+30 and how you think engineers in industry will be impacted by the decision to implement it. Send feedback, comments or opinions to PEI at
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$2,500 PEI Scholarship

Every year, PEI awards an exemplary engineering student with a scholarship. Applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and have completed a minimum of two semesters or three quarters of engineering undergraduate studies in a program accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology.

For more information and an application form, visit the PEI Web site. [ return to top ]

Contact the 2008-09 PEI Executive Board Officers

John Wall, P.E., F.NSPE

Immediate Past Chairman
Andy Russo, P.E., F.NSPE

Second Past Chairman
Kevin Cooper, P.E.

Richard Buchanan, P.E., F.NSPE

Jonn Nebbe, P.E.

Northeastern Region
Cullen Flanders, P.E.

Southeastern Region
Jorge Pardo, P.E.

Central Region
Michael J. Vinarcik, P.E.

North Central Region
Stephen Hutti, P.E. 

Southwestern Region
James Mathis, P.E. 

Western and Pacific Region
Curtis Beck, P.E.

YEAC Chair
Richard Willoughby, P.E. 

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The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC. is a premier group in the field of Turbomachinery Design, and Forensic Analysis. Courses for engineers are held during the year in the US and the UK for Advanced Gas Turbines, Planned Optimization of Combined Cycle Power Plants Operation and Centrifugal Compressors for refineries, off-shore platforms and pipeline applications.  Dr. Boyce has authored text books in these three areas.  Course schedules are posted on our website. 

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