NSPE's Gateway to Private Practice August 2005 

Introduction and Quote of the Month

What will NSPE be when it finally grows up? The diligent work of the Future Directions Task Force (FDTF) has come to a conclusion with some very satisfactory outcomes for the various Practice Divisions of NSPEincluding PEPP. Three additional Practice Division representatives have been added to the new House of Delegates by the NSPE Board of Directors. It will certainly prove to be very interesting as we move into the implementation phases of the FDTF action plan to see exactly how many individual state representatives who are chosen for the new House of Delegates are active, Practice Division-oriented members of NSPE.

Congratulations are certainly warranted for one of our ownformer PEPP Talk Editor Bernie Bersonfor his successfully being chosen as president-elect nominee to succeed Bob Miller as President of NSPE in July 2007. All PEPP members can breathe a deep sigh of relief in knowing that as NSPE moves into the implementation of the recommendations of the FDTF and the convening of our new House of Delegates, the next two years of leadership of NSPE will have Bob Miller and Bernie Berson at the helm with Russ Devick serving as NSPE Treasurer (all three of whom are former PEPP Chairs).

As the summer winds down and we approach the upcoming Labor Day holiday with the start of both the college football and professional football seasons, I feel compelled to reflect just once more on the many quotes of that great baseball philosopher, Yogi Berra, who I quoted in the last edition of PEPP Talk.

One of Yogi’s best quotes seems very appropriate at this time, in light of the actions taken by the NSPE Board of Directors relative to the FDTF Action Plan and our new House of Delegates: "this is like déjà vu over again...."

Those NSPE-PEPP members who were active during the period when our original Board of Directors meetings involved individual state representation and weighted votes by state delegates can well remember the frustration of all involved when it came to getting things done. I am sure that the new House of Delegates will not be stepping "back to the future" but will be a positive step forward in creating the newly energized, state-centric version of NSPE.

NSPE Future Directions Task Force Shows New Direction
The work of the NSPE Future Directions Task Force was unanimously approved during the July 12 NSPE Board of Directors meeting. 

If you have not had a chance to read the Action Plan, visit the NSPE Web site and click on "FDTF Action Plan: Final Report."

Following adoption of the Action Plan, the Board voted to add three additional practice division positions to the House of Delegates increasing the maximum number of members from 69 to 72.

In order for work to begin, the NSPE membership must vote to approve the changes to the NSPE Constitution and Bylaws. The ballot will appear in the August/September edition of Engineering Times. The PEPP Executive Board encourages all PEPP members to return their ballots by the September 30 deadline.

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Council of Principals Increases Visibility
PEPP Council of Principals hosted 45 attendees in Chicago, July 10 for two presentations and a facilitated open session.

Steve Theno, P.E. presented "Authority, Responsibility, and Liability of the Professional Engineer" and Barbara Irwin, HR Advisors Group, presented "Tools for Completing Effective Performance Appraisals." Participants received two free pdhs for attending. The open session focused on solving particular problems facing attending principals and a determining future topics for the council.

PEPP COP is planning to have Web seminars this fall and begin a listserv of interested individuals. The Council of Principals Web site continues to grow and add more resources.

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Professional Liability/Risk Management Brief
By Richard B. Garber, Vice President A/E/C Risk Management Services Victor O. Schinnerer & Company

Upon completion of construction, many owners will want to have an updated set of documents reflecting the changes made during the course of construction, as compared to what was shown in the original contract documents. For the design professional, the vital questions are (1) how are such changes recorded, (2) who records them, and (3) what do they really show?

Obviously, not all changes on a project are reflected in change orders and formal paperwork. Much detail is normally left to the contractor’s discretion as long as it meets the end result called for by the contract documents. For example, the drawings for engineering disciplines are normally quite diagrammatic on building projects, and the contractors may run conduit, plumbing and the like as it suits them, within the limits mentioned above. Sometimes changes are made in response to field conditions. These are the types of changes that are particularly within the power of the contractor to observe and record.

Given that, what role can the design professional play? Certainly the design professional can take marked-up prints prepared by the contractor and prepare clean, reproducible documents or update a CADD file to reflect the changes shown. However, the design professional is not usually in a position to verify the changes as shown. Since that is the case, the design professional is not in a position to certify the accuracy and completeness of this information.

It is important to understand the distinction between record drawings and as-built drawings. Generally, record drawings reflect significant changes made during the course of construction and are based on change orders and marked-up prints or other data furnished by the contractor to the design professional. As-built drawings imply that they show how the project was actually built. To prepare actual as-built drawings would require continuous measurements and surveys during construction —none of which is usually contemplated by the parties when they talk about this aspect of services. Again, clarity is the important thing. No one should assume that they are looking at as-built documents when they are really looking at record drawings.

Statements concerning legal matters should be understood to be general observations based solely on our experience as risk consultants and may not be relied upon as legal advice, which we are not authorized to provide. All such matters should be reviewed with a qualified advisor.

Victor O. Schinnerer & Company Inc. is managing underwriter for the CNA/Schinnerer Professional Liability Insurance Program commended by NSPE-PEPP since 1957.

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PEPP Leader Named NSPE President-Elect Nominee for 2006-07
The PEPP Executive Board, committees, and staff congratulate Bernie Berson, former PEPP Talk editor, on being selected as the NSPE president-elect nominee for 2006-07. Bernie has served PEPP and NSPE for many years.

Many of you know Bernie from his work as the PEPP Talk editor, Professional Liability Committee member, former PEPP chair, and NSPE vice president. Bernie has served in many roles over the years including (but not limited to)

PEPP Talk Editor
PEPP Young Engineers Advisory Council Advisor
Al Miller Scholarship Award Chair
PEPP Awards Committee Chair
PEPP Professional Liability Committee Member
PEPP Executive Board Chair (2001-02)
PEPP Executive Board Past Chair
PEPP Finance & Steering Committee Chair
PEPP Nominating Committee Chair
PEPP Fund for Professional Development Task Force Chair
PEPP Northeast Region Vice Chair
Program Review Committee Chair
Long Rang Planning Committee Member
NSPE Honors Awards Task Force Member
NSPE Convention Development Task Force Member
NSPE Audit Review Task Force Member
NSPE Communications Task Force Member
NSPE Mentoring Task Force Chair
NSPE Leadership Development Task Force Member

Congratulations!  We look forward to many more years of service from you, Bernie!

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PEPP Awards Presented in Chicago

2005 PEPP Award

Our highest honor, the 2005 PEPP Award, granted for outstanding contribution to the advancement and recognition of private practice in serving the public interest and the engineering profession, was awarded to Arthur Schwartz, CAE, NSPE deputy executive director and counsel. Art has served many years as an advocate for those in private practice.

2005 PEPP Merit Awards

Recipients of the 2005 PEPP Merit Awards were Andrea Martinez, P.E., 2004-05 PEPP-YEAC chair, employed by PBS&J in Tampa, Florida; and Thomas Elliot, P.E., F.NSPE,  member of the PEPP Professional Liability Committee, owner and president of Elliot & Britt Engineering PA, of Oxford, Mississippi. The PEPP Merit Award is granted to individuals who have made significant contributions to the Practice Division.

2005 PEPP Chair Award

Each year the PEPP chair selects an individual who has contributed significantly to the division. Fred Palmerton, P.E., F.NSPE, selected William Clarke, P.E., F.NSPE for his hard work as the board liaison to the Engineers Joint Contract Document Committee. Bill also serves as a member of the PEPP Marketing Committee and Council of Principals.

2005 PEPP Professional Development Award

The PEPP Handbook says, "The objectives of PEPP shall be to support the aims of the NSPE, advance the public welfare, promote the professional, social and economic interest of the engineer in private practice and to encourage and develop a professional attitude among all professional engineers in private practice. All PEPP activities shall be based on the premise that the professional development of engineers is the responsibility of all engineers working together effectively."

In keeping with those objectives, the PEPP Professional Development Award is presented to employers that exhibit exceptional career development initiatives and employment practices that advance the engineering profession.

Engineering Enterprises Inc was nominated by the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers's Dukane Chapter.

PEPP salutes Engineering Enterprises Inc. for its outstanding professional development policies and practices.

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Coming Soon: A Guide to Enhancing Professional Development

After a year of hard work, the PEPP Young Engineer Advisory Council is about to release "A Guide to Enhancing Professional Development: From College Student to Company Principal."  Information on how to order the guide will be in future editions of PEPP Talk. Previously  the committee has produced, "Mentoring Guidelines for Small, Medium and Large Size Firms," "Strategies for Member Attraction and Retention," and "How-to Manual for Seminars, Socials and Ceremonies."

As the committee continues to evolve, new members are needed to join the work of previous young engineers. The 2005-06 year promises to be another challenge, as the group will attempt to identify an area of need and work on creating a product to fill that need for NSPE. The new year began in July, but with so much work to be done, new members are always welcome. The PEPP Executive Board offers financial support in attending the committee functions.

If you are interested in participating in the PEPP-YEAC or need more information, please contact Eric West, P.E.

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PEPP Supporter Raffle
The winner of the PEPP Sustaining Individual contributors drawing is Willie VanHemert, P.E.  Willie chose the IPod mini over a the gift certificate for Omaha Steaks.  Perhaps this Alaskan truly prefers reindeer meat and seafood instead?  Thanks to all of our PEPP supporters.

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All PEPP members can be very proud that former PEPP Chairs Bob Miller, Bernie Berson, and Russ Devick have stepped forward and volunteered their time and energy and have been accepted to help lead NSPE during the next few years as we all work to build a better and stronger NSPE that provides services and value to its current members and to the future members that we will hopefully bring into the organization.




Randolph W. Rakoczynski, P.E., F.NSPE

Northeast Region Vice Chairman

PEPP Talk Editor


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