NSPE's Gateway to Private Practice March 2006 

HR Roundtable Highlights Keynote Speaker Barbara Mulkey

At the 2006 Human Resource Director's Roundtable, the keynote speaker was Barbara Mulkey, P.E., of Mulkey Engineers and Consultants. She provided her solutions to some dilemas classic to the A/E/C industry, such as diversity, recruitment, and retention. 

Creating diversity in the engineering field is no small feat. Although women and minority engineers exist in higher numbers than they  in the past, the industry has been slow to execute changes to business practices. Barbara started Mulkey Engineers and Consultants because she felt more capable than her supervisors, lamented lack of flexibility in her schedule, and was frustrated by the firm's inability to give her new challenges. She believes these are all flaws that companies can avoid in order to keep the staff they have and attract new employees. Other ideas include: 

  • hire not only college students, but also high school students to work during the summer;
  • allow the students to spend time in marketing, IT, and accounting 
  • provide a  well-rounded environment to create a staff that has all the technical and soft skills necessary to today's business; and
  • place women in leadership roles to serve as role models and attract other women to your firm.

The key to Mulkey's success is attributed to the corporate culture she created.  Mulkey, Inc. sees other firms as potential teaming partners rather than competitors.  They improve the industry by leading the way in innovative ideas and continuing to change and grow.  Employees have fun, and they like each other.  When you visit the company's Web site a quote flashes that embodies the Mulkey vision. "There's no friend like an old friend. The same goes for clients." With that business philosophy and progressive corporate culture,  it's no wonder Mulkey Engineers and Consultants, Inc. is so successful.

For more information about Mulkey Engineers and Consultants, Inc.

NSPE-PEPP To Host 2006 Roundtable for Chief Financial Officers

Join fellow CFOs in a supportive learning environment that will provide a valuable national forum for CFOs of A/E/C firms to network, benchmark current activities, identify trends,and discuss emerging issues. This year's topics include  Succession planning for the CFO and IRS Domestic Production, with open sessions designed to address your issues. To register visit the CFO Web site.

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NSPE Offers Web Seminars On A Variety of Hot Topics

 Save the gas and time it takes to travel to top-quality seminars! These online seminars include downloadable handouts and CEUs you can apply toward maintaining your PE license for only $149 (NSPE member price).

What if you want to invite someone who is not a member of NSPE? We welcome you and encourage you to register at the nonmember price of $189 or become an NSPE member and qualify for the member rate. Because each registration is good for one connection at your office, you can invite others to join you, where you have the phone line and computer set up, to learn.

Visit the PEC Web site or NSPE's Education Web site for more information.

  • Trends in Construction Professionalism
    April 19, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. E.S.T.

  • The Ethics of Gifts: Drawing the Line
    May 8, 2006 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

  • Construction Arbitration & Construction Mediation
    May 9, 2006 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. est

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NSPE's Legacy Project Compliments Annual Convention

This year NSPE and The Massachusetts Society of Engineers will be contributing to Homes for Our Troops. Throught donations from online registrations, eBay auctions prior to the convention and additonal activities we hope to raise awareness and a substantial contribution for this noble charity.   More information on The Legacy Project is available on the web. 

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NSPE Accepting Nominations for Professional Development Award
PEPP presents several awards each year to recognize noteworthy contributions to the consulting engineering field. Members may nominate individuals and organizations for the following PEPP honors. The awards are presented annually at NSPE's Annual Convention.

2006 PEPP Professional Development Award
Since 1960, NSPE has used this award to recognize engineering employers who have made significant contributions to the advancement and improvement of engineering practices. If you feel your firm, or a firm you are familiar with is worthy of such recognition, nominate that firm. Nominations for the PEPP Professional Development Award may be made through a member, a PEPP regional vice chair, state chair, or national staff. Self-nominations are encouraged. Consider this opportunity to recognize your firm's professional development. The deadline to submit nominations is April 28.

2006 PEPP Award
The PEPP Award is given annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement and recognition of the role of private practice in serving the public interest. Any individual, other than a current PEPP officer or PEPP Awards Committee member, is eligible. Nominations for the PEPP Award may be made through a member, a PEPP regional vice chair, state chair, or national staff. The deadline for nomination is April 28.

2006 PEPP Merit Award
The PEPP Merit Award is presented to PEPP committee members or chairs, PEPP members serving in liaison functions or on joint activities, or to any other PEPP member who has made significant contributions to the Practice Division. In addition, the employer of a PEPP Merit Award recipient is recognized for the support the consulting engineering firm has given to the profession through the activities of the PEPP Merit Award recipient. The PEPP Awards Committee, with the concurrence of the PEPP chair, may name as many PEPP Merit Award recipients as it feels are deserving of the honor. Nominations for the PEPP Merit Award may be made through a member, a PEPP regional vice chair, state chair, or national staff. The deadline for nomination is April 28.

For additional questions, contact Rochelle Compton.

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Professional Engineers In Government Offers Valuable Book


In Engineer Your Way to Success, America’s top engineers from organizations like Eastman Kodak, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, IBM, AT&T, Boyle Engineering, Sverdrup Corporation, and the University of Texas tell you what skills you need for a successful engineering career and share their personal advice on what they look for when hiring and considering promotions.


This book is like no other career book you’ll find—it’s engineer-specific. Whether you’re an engineering student or an experienced engineer, Engineer Your Way to Success is the best book you can get for yourself, your employees, or any engineer who wants to enhance his or her career.


To purchase go to the NSPE Products and Service catalog.

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Take the 2006 Ethics Challenge

Contestants are encouraged to analyze the facts of a real situation involving a government engineer who has been offered gifts from time-to-time from consulting engineering companies and contractors. Contestants must develop discussion and conclusions about the ethics of the engineer in the case using the format of the NSPE Board of Ethical Review. Entries must be 750 words or less and must be received at NSPE headquarters by April 14.

The winning entry will receive a certificate, recognition in PE Magazine, and an award of $1,000 ($500 to the NSPE state society or NSPE chapter and $500 divided among the authors), provided by the NSPE Educational Foundation.

Judges will decide the winner based on quality of the entry in form and presentation; demonstration of understanding of the implications concerning ethical or unethical behavior; and comprehensive analysis of the case and arguments supporting your conclusions.

All current NSPE individual members, NSPE state societies, and NSPE chapters (including student chapters) are invited to participate in the 2006 NSPE Milton F. Lunch Ethics Contest.

Visit the NSPE Web site or contact Mary Ann Cannon for additional information.

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Contact the PEPP Executive Board

Larry Britt, P.E.
Oxford, MS
Immediate Past Chair
Fred Palmerton, P.E.
Springfield, MO
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Pete Koval, P.E.
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Vice Chair, Northeast Region
Randy Rakoczynski, P.E.
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Vice Chair, Southeast Region
Dan Dawson, P.E.
Wilmington, NC
Vice Chair, Central Region
Mark Davy
La Crosse, WI
Vice Chair, North Central Region
Kevin Skibiski, P.E.
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Vice Chair, Southwest Region
Mark Martin, P.E.
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Vice Chair, Western and Pacific Region
Steven Dyrnes, P.E.
Portland, OR
Young Engineer Representative
Eric West, P.E.
Midland, TX
SSEC Representative
Pat Christians
Birmingham, AL

PEPP Staff
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Mulkey Engineers and Consultants

PEPP is now  taking registrations for the 2006 listing. 

Join your colleagues and competitors. List your firm on the NSPE Web site and link more business to your future.             

A. Morton Thomas and Associates, A.C.T. International
Acoustic Sciences Corporation
Adcomm Engineering Co.
Administrative Controls Management
AEC Engineering Design
Alan W. Kramer, P.E Consulting 
Allen & Shafiff Corporation
AmcGurr, Ltd.
Anderson Engineering of New Prague, Inc.
Anderson Engineering, Inc.
Antioch International
Appledore Engineering, Inc. Ayres Associates
B & E Jackson & Associates
Bain Medina Bain, Inc.
Baird, Hampton, Brown, Inc. Engineering & Surveying
Barr Engineering Company
Bartel, Rudolf & Associates
BBFM Engineers Inc.
Beardsley Design Associates
Becker Morgan Group, Inc.
Bernard R. Berson, L.S.
BJLJ Engineering & Architects, P.C.
BMJ Engineers & Surveyors
Booth & Associates, Inc.
Borton-Lawson Engineering
Brown & Mitchelle
BTI Consultants
Bucher, Willis & Ratliff Corporation
Bureau Vistas/Berryman&Henigar
Burns & McDonnell
Bury&Partners, Inc.
C. Allan Bamforth, Jr. Engineer-Surveyor, Ltd.
Carroll Engineering Corporation
Champagne Associates PC
Charter Oak Environmental Services
CME Associates
Coad Engineering Consulting
Code Consultanst, Inc.
Coffman Engineers, Inc.
Commonwealth Associates, Inc
Consolidated Consulting
Cosgrove Computer Systems, Inc.
Cowen & Associates
Cowhey Gudmundson Leder, Ltd.
Criterium Liszkay Engineers
CRW Engineering Group LLC
CSA Consulting Engineers
CT Consultants, Inc
Design Alaska, Inc
D'Huy Engineering
DL Engineering
Drilling Technical Services
Dwyer Engineers, Inc.
E.P. Ferris & Associates
Edison Aviles Deliz, Ingenieros, CSP (DG3A Group)
Elrod & Company, LLC
EMCS, Inc.
Engineering, Tech, P.A
Environmental Design Int'l
Eustance & Horowitz, PC
Exponential Engineeing Company
First Choice Consultant Company
Foehringer Enar, Inc.Fogel & Associates, Inc.
Forcier Aldrich & Associates, Inc.
Foth & Van Dyke
FRA Engineering
Friber Associates
Garver Engineers
George Butler & Associates
Gordon L. Brown and Associates
Gredell Engineering Resources, Inc.
Grotto Engineering Associates
Hacker Engineering
Haley & Aldrich, Inc.
Harrington & Cortelyou, Inc.
Hillman & Miley Consulting Engineers
Horner & Shifrin, Inc
Ingenium Engineering Services
Irick Engineering
J&Y Engineering Services, Inc.
Jahnke & Jahnke Associates, Inc.
James Mallett,P.E,P.C.
JK Consulting
Keith B. Higgins Associates
Kellard Engineering & Consulting
Kelly Engineering Services
Kilmer Engineering,PA
Kimley-Horn & Associates
Klingner & Associates, PC
KS Associates, Inc.
KSI Engineering Professionals
Kuhlmann Design Group, Inc.
Kurtanich Engineers & Associates, 
L Robert Kimball & Associates
Liebergott Engineering Company
LNV Engineering
Loiederman Soltesz Associates
Lutz, Daily & Brian, LLC
Martinez, Wright, & Mendez
MMatrix Consulting Engineers, Inc.
McGuire Engineers
Mead & Hunt, Inc.
MEP Engineering, Inc.
Michael Baker Corporation
Michael Ernst P.E, P.A.
Michaud Cooley Erickson
Midwestern Consulting, LLC.
Morris Knowles & Associates
Mr. Electrical Safety, P.C.
ms consultants
Norris, Kuske & Tunstall
Nortech, Inc.
Northwest Engineering, Inc.
Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc
O'Brien, & Gere Ltd.
O'Malley Engineers, LLP.
Palmerton & Parrish, Inc.
PARC Engineering Associates
Parsons Brinckerhoff Construction
Peratrovich, Nottingham & Drage
PDC, Inc.
PFS Corporation
Phillips Engineering Group
Potesta & Associates
POWER Engineers, Inc.
R.S. Scott Associates, Inc. 
Ramey Kemp Assoicates
RBA Engineers, Inc.
RHT Engineering, Inc.
Richard W. Rauseo, P.E.
Ridge & Associates, Inc.
Robert H Fuller & Associates
Roger L. Boyell, Forensic Analyst
Roth Hill Engineering Partners, LLC
RQBD Engineering Consultants
RSA Engineering
Safety Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Santangelo & Lindsay, Inc.
Schkeeper, Inc.
Schoor DePalma
Sebesta Blomber & Associates
SKG Engineers
Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.
SSOE, Inc.
Sterling Engineering
Steven B. Kushnick, P.E., Inc.
Steven Feller, P.E. Inc.
Strand, Inc.
Strang, Inc.
Strickland Engineering, LC
Sundquist Engineering, P.C.
Teague Nall and Perkins, Inc.
Tectonic Engineering & Surveying
The Eads Group
The Louis Berger Group, Inc.
The Newton Engineering Group, P.C.
Traffic Planning and Design
Tri-State Engineering
TVG Environmental, Inc.
Van De Wiele Engineering, Inc.
Van Note-Harvey Associates
Vollmer Associates
W.C. Cammett Engineering, Inc.
Wantman Group
Widseth Smith Nolting & Assoc., Inc.
Wink, Inc.
WSB & Associates


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