NSPE's Gateway to Private Practice May 2006 

NICET Seeks Engineer Candidates for Board of Governors
There will be three available positions at the end of June 2008.  The commitment to serve on the NICET Board of Governors includes two three-day Board meetings annually (March and October) at different locations throughout the U.S.  Each meeting usually begins with  a Thursday evening dinner affair with local invited guests and then lasts through early Saturday afternoon.  Other activities may include monthly informational mailings from NICET office, periodic telephone conferences or special ask group assignments( generally handled via mail/email).  Reasonable travel and other out-of-pocket expenses for these meetings are reimbursed by NICET; but members are not compensated for time away from their job.

Candidates must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Current and valid NSPE ( and Practice Division) membership;
  • Familiarity with technician and technologist work in the Civil, Electrical/Electronic Mechanical or Industrial Engineering sectors; and experience in design,installation/manufacturing, inspection/testing or maintenance/troubleshooting;
  • Residence within the Central, North Central or Western & Pacific Regions; and 
  • Agreement to serve a minimum of one year term, with reappointment for one additional three-year term possible.

      If you are interested, please forward your resume/bio to pepp@nspe.org by September 1.

    • 2006 NSPE Annual Convention Will be Held in Boston


      This NSPE event is an opportunity to network with engineering leaders, make important business connections, and be brought up-to-date on issues affecting our profession and our Society. As we conclude this first year of implementing our new NSPE focus, join us as history unfolds with Boston hosting the first gathering of the NSPE House of Delegates. In addition, be sure to enjoy the rich history and beautiful sights of Boston, especially during this July 4 week when we proudly celebrate our nation’s 230 birthday.

      For a calendar of events, agendas for meetings, registration, as well as descriptions of all convention sessions and activities, please visit the NSPE Web site. Here is a list of PEPP events at the convention:

      Friday July 7

      • 7:00 pm PEPP Dinner

      Saturday July 8

      •  8:30 am- 11:30 am PEPP Board of Governors
      • 11:30 am -1:30 pm  NSPE Installation of Robert S. Miller III, P.E., F.NSPE
      •  2:00 pm   PEPP Executive Board Meeting

      Sunday July 9

      • 10:00 am - 2:00p m PEPP Council of Principals
        (free continuing education to all PEPP members)

      The convention is a great place to network with other professionals, earn valuable PDHs, and enhance your career in an easy to travel to location. Convention highlights this year include

      • Professional development hours
      • Young engineers forum
      • Professional networking opportunities
      • Social networking opportunities
      • Engaging speakers

      To learn more about the convention visit the web site.

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      NSPE Highlights Three Liability Resources

      A State-by-State Summary of Liability Laws Affecting the Practice of Engineering, 2005
      Protect yourself from frivolous claims.  .

      Document Retention Guidelines
      This document was prepared for the PEPP Professional Liability Committee, March 2005. 

      Model Document Retention Policy
      Does your firm need document retention guidelines? This document will help you create a policy of your own. 

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      Avoid Being Underpaid for Your Creative Efforts
      by Herb Cannon

      1. Don't create the perception (or reality) that you are desperate for the project at any price, under any terms or conditions. Clients can smell desperation from 3 time zones away and many will take advantage of it.

      2. Don't fall in love with the prospect of working on a particular project if you know it will be a bleeder. You don't need to lose money in order to do something you love.

      3. Avoid working with clients that have a history of problem projects. Construction delays, litigation with design professionals… You know who they are. Don't think they will treat you different, because they won't.

      4. Before you start fee negotiations with your client, make sure you set 2 numbers. The first is the desired fee. The second is the walk away number. The walk away number is the minimum fee you are willing to accept - anything less and you walk away.

      5. Become an expert in a specific project type. Experts always get paid more - everyone else competes for commodity work where the fees are too low to make a decent profit.

      6. Don't rely on word of mouth to let potential clients know you are an expert. If you are one of the nation's leading experts you need to explicitly say so. Make sure it is included on your website, personal profile and other marketing materials.

      7. Have a proactive plan for identifying scope creep - and asking for a fee increase before doing the work. Show me a project that is losing money and I will show you a project that has unidentified scope creep.

      Herbert M. Cannon, President of AEC Management Solutions, Inc. and Publisher of AEC Managing Partner Newsletter, is a management consultant, seminar provider and speaker exclusive to the A/E Industry. He is available to speak at company meetings and conferences. For more information contact Herb via e-mail hcannon@aecmanagementsolutions.com. Or visit his website at www.aecmanagementsolutions.com

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      NSPE Offers Web Seminars for Continuing Education Credits

      Save the gas and time it takes to travel to top-quality seminars! These online seminars include downloadable handouts and CEUs you can apply toward maintaining your PE license for only $149 (NSPE member price).

      What if you want to invite someone who is not a member of NSPE? We welcome you and encourage you to register at the nonmember price of $189 or become an NSPE member and qualify for the member rate. Because each registration is good for one connection at your office, you can invite others to join you, where you have the phone line and computer set up, to learn.

      Visit the PEC Web site or NSPE's Education Web site for more information.
      • The Ethics of Gifts: Drawing the Line
        May 11, 2006 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. EDT

      • Fire Protection Design & the PE
        May 16, 2006 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. EDT

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      Support the Al Miller Scholarship
      You can help make Al's enthusiasm for educational excellence and professional development an NSPE legacy. Support educational excellence through this PEPP scholarship program.

      The PEPP Executive Board felt so much love and respect for Al that its members contributed in excess of $10,000 to start the fund. We have arranged with the University of Arkansas for the annual presentation of $2,500 to a junior or senior engineering student based on achievement. 

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      Contact the PEPP Executive Board

      Larry Britt, P.E.
      Oxford, MS
      Immediate Past Chair
      Fred Palmerton, P.E., F.NSPE
      Springfield, MO
      Steve Theno, P.E.
      Anchorage, AK
      Pete Koval, P.E.
      Syracuse, NY
      Vice Chair, Northeast Region
      Randy Rakoczynski, P.E.
      Buffalo, NY
      Vice Chair, Southeast Region
      Dan Dawson, P.E.
      Wilmington, NC
      Vice Chair, Central Region
      Mark Davy, P.E.
      La Crosse, WI
      Vice Chair, North Central Region
      Kevin Skibiski, P.E., F.NSPE
      Springfield, MO
      Vice Chair, Southwest Region
      Mark Martin, P.E.
      Fayetteville, AR
      Vice Chair, Western and Pacific Region
      Steven Dyrnes, P.E.
      Portland, OR
      Young Engineer Representative
      Eric West, P.E.
      Midland, TX
      SSEC Representative
      Pat Christians
      Birmingham, AL

      PEPP Staff
      Kim Granados, CAE
      1420 King Street
      Alexandria, VA 22314
      tel: 703-684-2857
      fax: 703-836-4875

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      PEPP is now  taking registrations for the 2006 listing. 

      Join your colleagues and competitors. List your firm on the NSPE Web site and link more business to your future.             

      A. Morton Thomas and Associates, Inc.

      A.C.T. International

      Acoustic Sciences Corporation

      Adcomm Engineering Co.

      Administrative Controls Management

      AEC Engineering Design and Construction Services, PLLC

      Alan W. Kramer, P.E Consulting Engineers

      Allen & Shafiff Corporation

      Alpine Engineering, Inc.

      AmcGurr, Ltd.

      Anderson Engineering of New Prague, Inc.

      Anderson Engineering, Inc.

      Antioch International, Inc.

      Appledore Engineering, Inc.


      Ayres Associates

      B & E Jackson & Associates, Inc.

      Bain Medina Bain, Inc.

      Baird, Hampton, Brown, Inc. Engineering & Surveying

      Barr Engineering Company

      Bartel, Rudolf & Associates

      Basic Systems, Inc.

      BBFM Engineers Inc.

      Beardsley Design Associates

      Becht Engineering

      Becker Morgan Group, Inc.

      Bernard R. Berson, P.E., L.S., P.P.

      BJLJ Engineering & Architects, P.C.

      BMJ Engineers & Surveyors

      Booth & Associates, Inc.

      Borton-Lawson Engineering, Inc.

      Brown & Mitchell

      BTI Consultants

      Bucher, Willis & Ratliff Corporation

      Bureau Veritas/Berryman & Henigar

      Burns & McDonnell

      Bury & Partners, Inc.

      C. Allan Bamforth, Jr., Engineer-Surveyor, Ltd.

      Carroll Engineering Corporation

      Champagne Associates PC

      Charter Oak Environmental Services, Inc.

      CME Associates

      Coad Engineering Consulting

      Code Consultants, Inc.

      Coffman Engineers, Inc.

      Commonwealth Associates, Inc

      Consolidated Consulting Corporation

      Cosgrove Computer Systems, Inc.

      Cowen & Associates

      Cowhey Gudmundson Leder, Ltd.

      Criterium Liszkay Engineers

      CRW Engineering Group LLC

      CSA Consulting Engineers

      CT Consultants, Inc

      CXE Group LLC

      Davy Engineering Co.

      Design Alaska, Inc

      D'Huy Engineering, Inc.

      DL Engineering & Controls

      Drilling Technical Services, Inc.

      Dwyer Engineers, Inc.

      E.P. Ferris & Associates

      Edison Aviles Deliz, Ingenieros, CSP (DG3A Group)

      Elrod & Company, LLC

      EMCS, Inc.

      Engineering, Tech, P.A

      Environmental Design International, Inc.

      Eustance & Horowitz, PC

      Exponential Engineering Company

      First Choice Consultant Company

      Foehringer Enar, Inc.

      Fogel & Associates, Inc.

      Forcier Aldrich & Associates, Inc.

      Forcon Intl.

      Foth & Van Dyke

      FRA Engineering

      Friber Associates, Inc.

      Garver Engineers

      George Butler Associates

      Gordon L. Brown and Associates

      Gredell Engineering Resources, Inc.

      Grotto Engineering Assoicates, LLC

      H2L  Consulting Engineers

      Hacker Engineering

      Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

      Harrington & Cortelyou, Inc.

      Hillman & Miley Consulting Engineers, P.L. L.C.

      Horner & Shifrin, Inc

      Ingenium Engineering Services

      Irick Engineering

      J&Y Engineering Services, Inc.

      Jahnke & Jahnke Associates, Inc.

      James J. Mallett, P.E., PA

      Jenkins Survey & Design, Inc.

      JK Consulting

      Keith B. Higgins Associates

      Kellard Engineering & Consulting, P.C.

      Kelly Engineering Services

      Kelsurvyes, Inc.

      Kilmer Engineering PA

      Kimley-Horn & Associates


      KLG, LLC

      Klingner & Associates, PC

      KS Associates, Inc.

      KSI Professional Engineers

      Kuhlmann Design Group, Inc.

      Kurtanich Engineers & Associates, Inc.

      L. Robert Kimball & Associates

      Liebergott Engineering Company

      LNV Engineering

      Loiederman Soltesz Associates, Inc

      Lutz, Daily & Brain, LLC

      Martinez, Wright, and Mendez, Inc.

      Matrix Consulting Engineers, Inc.

      McCombs, Frank Roos Associates

      McGuire Engineers

      Mead & Hunt, Inc.

      MEP Engineering, Inc.

      Michael Baker Corporation

      Michael Ernst P.E, P.A.

      Michaud Cooley Erickson

      Midwestern Consulting, LLC.

      Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc.

      Mr. Electrical Safety, P.C.

      ms consultants

      MSA, P.C.

      MSCW, Inc.

      Norris, Kuske & Tunstall Consulting Engineers, Inc.

      Nortech, Inc.

      Northwest Engineering, Inc.

      Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc

      O'Brien, & Gere Ltd.

      O'Malley Engineers, LLP.

      Palmerton & Parrish, Inc.

      PARC Engineering Associates

      Parsons Brinckerhoff Constructio Services


      PDC, Inc. Engineers

      Peratrovich, Nottingham & Drage, Inc.


      PFS Corporation

      Phillips Engineering Group P.C.

      Potesta & Associates

      POWER Engineers, Inc.

      R.S. Scott Associates, Inc.

      R.S. Scott Associates, Inc.

      Ramey Kemp & Associates, Inc.

      RBA Engineers, Inc.

      RHT Engineering, Inc.

      Richard W. Rauseo, P.E.

      Ridge & Associates, Inc.

      Robert H. Fuller & Associates

      Roger L. Boyell, Forensic Analyst

      Roth Hill Engineering Partners, LLC

      RQBD Engineering Consultants

      RSA Engineering

      Safety Consulting Engineers, Inc.

      Santangelo & Lindsay, Inc.

      Schkeeper, Inc.

      Schoor DePalma

      Sebesta Blomberg  & Associates, Inc.

      SKG Engineers

      Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

      SSOE, Inc.

      Standard Testing & Engineering Co.

      Sterling Engineering Co, Inc.

      Steven B. Kushnick, P.E., Inc.

      Steven Feller, P.E. Inc.

      Strand, Inc.

      Strang, Inc.

      Strickland Engineering, LC

      Sundquist Engineering, P.C.

      Teague Nall and Perkins, Inc.

      Tectonic Engineering & Surveying Consultants, P.C.

      The Boyce Consulting Group, LLC

      The EADS Group, Inc.

      The Louis Berger Group, Inc.

      The Newton Engineering Group, P.C.

      Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.

      Tri-State Engineering

      TVG Environmental, Inc


      Van De Wiele Engineering, Inc.

      Van Note-Harvey Associates, P.C.

      Vollmer Associates LLP

      W.C. Cammett Engineering, Inc.

      Wantman Group

      Widseth Smith Nolting & Assoc., Inc.

      Wink, Inc.

      WSB & Associates, Inc.


      For more information or to contact us directly, please visit www.nspe.org.
      TO UPDATE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, please reply to this e-mail (pepp@nspe.org) with your full name and nine-digits.
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