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All About the PHBP
PHBP: What's In It For You?

Working in film production was never for the faint of heart. Our people work hard, put in long hours, give their all to every project. Often without knowing how long their gig is going to last. Or when the next one will emerge. All of which is part of being in “the business.” And those that can’t handle it aren’t in the business for long.

But here’s the thing. Just because you’re fiercely committed to your craft doesn’t mean that you should  do without the core protections and benefits that those in other careers and professions take for granted. Which is why we created the Producers Health Benefits Plan (PHBP).

PHBP is an employer-funded group insurance plan providing health coverage for eligible freelancers and staff employees at approximately 150 commercial production companies.  (To see a complete list of participating companies, visit www.phbp.org.) By participating in PHBP, your employer is providing you  the security and peace of mind that comes with solid, comprehensive health coverage.

And here’s the best part. If you’re a freelancer and you meet the eligibility rules, your employer pays the total cost of coverage. If you’re a staff employee and you meet the eligibility rules, your employer will cover at least 75% of your employee contribution.

Plus, PHBP is designed for production pros who tend to jump from gig to gig, and allows you to take your health coverage with you when you move from employer to employer or from freelance to staff. With no hassles and no piles of paperwork.

Finally, PHBP plan members have access to BeneSys Administrators, who can provide fast, accurate answers and assist you with enrollment, claims, eligibility issues and more. And you can visit our customized website where you’ll find your work history and a wide range of tools to help you get the most out of your PHBP coverage.


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